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  1. Just settled into my new home, a big step for me! My old car smelled like it was going to blow up so I got a newer one. 2016 was so good to me. Had to delay my progress on my tattoos but, Adulting comes first. Hope to finish my current project and hopefully save up and move on to a bigger one!
  2. @suburbanxcore I used to be 3 years ago, I lived in South Jersey Burlington area most of my life. HBU?
  3. Other than Pat Haney... First peoples that comes to mind, Topper from Philadelphia Eddies, and Lacasse Olde City Tattoo.
  4. My first tattoo from 03" done in philly at body graphics i believe 1 month after my 18th birthday! I think it means "fire"???
  5. @suburbanxcore yea spotted you on there last night too! Love that page!! hopefully in 2017 i can post your legs pics in this topic.
  6. I"m jelly my lower half is all bare! Amazing work on here btw! Hey @bongsau your legs look familiar, did you do a lived in tattoos sunday take over?
  7. Wow @Hands On your is insanely awesome !!!! Well here is my favorite skull on me done by CIV at Lotus Tattoo 4 years ago.
  8. These are my two crazies on the left poodle mix who goes by Minnie on the right a ferocious Bichon street name Bubbles
  9. @GlaryMilberg That's awesome, They do look powerful I'm thinking about going the same route, do you have any older references? Like I said I've only seen a few drawings, I would love to find pics of really older paintings.
  10. @scottyg I like those too, but no the ones i seen were dragons with elephants tusks and trunk. I have only seen 2 pics Lehi did a print of one, Ed Hardy did a painting of one, and i think Horiyoshi 3 has Tattooed one in one of his books, not 100 percent sure tho.
  11. I have a 4 skulls on my sleeve here some not so god pics n i have paint on my arm I couldn't get off ha.
  12. I kinda got lazy and skimmed thru some of the links don't know if i overlooked it, but has anyone found any info about those dragons with elephant trunks? I love the way they look!
  13. @suburbanxcore Yes i do i've only got 5 hrs done so far, got a bunch to go still i think. Brian is fast, you should definitely get tattooed by him, he's awesome. But here is a current progress pic kinda fresh got tattooed a couple weeks back.
  14. In December going up to richmond to see brian bruno and get some more shading on the belly.
  15. Thanks peoples! And it might mean tuesday i dunno lol.
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