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  1. Colored Guy

    Tattoo Year in Review

    I was on a tear in 2018. My battle royal back piece finished up (eagle, snake and dragon) in late January 2 neck tattoos, April and May Had some empty real estate on right forearm, got a large snake in March or April Cover up on left upper arm early January Tiger on left thigh December Cover up Flower left foot in December
  2. Colored Guy

    Pre 1985 tattooers you've been tattooed by

    Most of those who worked on me before 1983 are dead... Dave Aicroth (former partner of JC Fly), Mike Paterno (Peter Tat2 shop), Danny Pizzo from Body Creations in East Islip NY.
  3. Colored Guy

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Had the tiger finished up on Friday night, 3 hours worth.
  4. Colored Guy

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Thanks, this is a large piece on my left thigh, next appointment is on 12/21 and possibly a 3rd if needed.
  5. Colored Guy

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Posted in the new tattoo section, but will hang it here as well. She changed up the peony design for the better from the OG artwork.
  6. Colored Guy

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    New last night, 4 hours in the chair.... session #1. Done by Gina at Studio 69 Tattoo, Ronkonkoma, NY.
  7. My weight is up and down, I have a reaper that part of it is on my belly, hasn't stretched a bit that I can tell.
  8. Colored Guy

    Don't haggle with your artist

    You should have an idea of the cost up front, how many sessions, rate, etc. I have saved up for many tattoos $10 and $20 here and there. I even junked an old car to pay for one in 2008.
  9. Colored Guy

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Having a Henning-design tiger started on my thigh on Nov 30th. Should take 3 or 4 sessions. Will post the outline and shading hopefully over the weekend.
  10. Colored Guy

    Tattoo artists' tips

    I'll give a flat $50 many times, more if it comes out to less than I thought it would. But the $50 x 4 or 5 sittings for a single tattoo adds up.
  11. Colored Guy

    Post shitty things you have been doing recently

    Minor shitty thing... broke my 4-speed about 6 weeks back. I was attempting a 2-3 shift at 4000 RPMs and it came out of 3rd gear hard. I limped home with a noisy transmission using 4th gear. Found a local guy to fix it up for only $400 which included a new cluster gear and some better used parts.
  12. Colored Guy

    Foot aftercare

    I was out of work when I had my last foot tattoo done. I went barefoot most of the time and since it was December I was inside quite a bit. It healed quickly and no big scabbing.
  13. Colored Guy

    Relationships and tattoos

    I'm dating a lady that loves tattoos, she's been there with me for some of my recent work and she even got one herself. I believe that she does not do well with pain, but she has the next one picked out. I was in the shop having some forearm work done in April and the artist likes her and she's allowed to sit close and watch her work. The GF took offense to something I said and that spread a poop mist over the shop vibe. I just said to her, maybe you should be going. And she did, that was almost the end of us.
  14. Colored Guy

    Skin rejecting ink

    I have had trouble with the color red years ago and more recently, also some yellows don't take well on me. I'm using more of an orange and that stays in a lot better than the red. The yellow just gets touched up now and then.
  15. Colored Guy

    Hand Tattoos

    I retire from work in less than a couple of years and I'll wait on the hand ink. But that's what I said about my 2 neck tattoos...