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  1. Bittersweet meaning happy it's done but what am I gonna do now lol after getting tattooed every 2-3 weeks for months
  2. That is strange, may be go old fashioned and give em a call?
  3. Its beautiful Dan, you probably get it when I say being able to look down and see it makes me feel like she is always with me
  4. My only regret is waiting til she was gone to get it, she was my biggest cheer leader while I was getting my back done
  5. 2018 was a fun one for me! Had a tree on my right arm My back done with my Kirin, sessions every 2-3weeks and loved it❤️ 2019 I've already had a tattoo to honor my mom on my right calf. I am hoping to start some work on the left side to even out😂
  6. Thank you its definitely part of the healing profit ❤️
  7. My Mom passed away 12/18/18 so to honor her I got this little diddy today on my right calf Done by Guy Jones Lucky Buddah Tattoo Sacramento Ca
  8. @Acedia Thank you, it was such an amazing journey! Yes the full left arm is already in the works 🤣
  9. Finally finished today, such a bittersweet feeling. Work by Guy Jones, Lucky Buddah tattoo Sacramento CA
  10. Everyone's backs look amazing! I've had a little work done since August, next session is Saturday.
  11. @Stephanie It looks amazing!! I too find the ass incredibly uncomfortable, which I always thought because I hd so much cushion it would be a breeze....then the outline started 😂
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