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  1. Runs4fun

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    @Stephanie It looks amazing!! I too find the ass incredibly uncomfortable, which I always thought because I hd so much cushion it would be a breeze....then the outline started 😂
  2. Runs4fun

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    @Acedia Your legs look so amazing!!
  3. Runs4fun

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    @Acedia That's hilarious 😂
  4. Runs4fun

    LST Animal Lovers

    @Dan They are special! When he was young I trained him well on what not to do and now that hes so old he actually gets away with almost anything lol Your girl is beautiful ❤ such a sweet little face
  5. Runs4fun

    LST Animal Lovers

    @Hands On Hi there! The pup in my picture on the back piece experience thread is my 15 year old toy poodle Reginold. Hes the king of photo bombing lol I love my little man he has been with me for so long I dont even remember what life was like before him. This is him in the picture of my back piece, hes in need of a hair cut but hes gotten to the point in his life where he hates them The second one is him having to lay on me after my outline session of my back excuses my face I was totally delirious.
  6. Runs4fun

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    @Stephanie Thank you! I've been watching your progress, your Tiger is awesome! I'm excited to see your progression now that your recharged and ready for more 😂 I understand what you mean about what's next lol
  7. Runs4fun

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Hi everyone, I've read through this thread and the older back piece thread twice! All of your experiences really helped me get through my first 3 hours of outlines and I just wanted to share my beginning stages. Thank you in advance for reading. This is 2 weeks old, next session is this Saturday. We have decided 3 hours work best for both of us lol Tattoo by Guy Jones.Lucky Buddah Tattoo, Sacramento California
  8. Runs4fun


    Haha yes good old Jimboy's, something about that parmesan cheese they put on there taco shells always draws me in lol Lucky Buddha is a very cool environment, you should check it out when you get a chance 👍
  9. Runs4fun


    Hi just wanted to introduce myself My name is Jessica, I'm in Sacramento California. So far I have 1 tattoo on my right arm and plan to start a back piece by the beginning of August. I look forward to being a part of the community and learning from the knowledgeable people here Tattoo by Guy Jones at Lucky Buddah Tattoo