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  1. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    It can work out for sure! I had a large torso piece done by Chad Koeplinger a few years ago. I travelled a lot for my job and he, of course, was always traveling. So, I started it not knowing how long it would take. We ended up finishing it in just over a years time. 6 1/2 hours total and 5 different quick sessions. It’s a huge piece and Chad is fast, but luckily we did it! I also flew to Switzerland to get tattooed by Filip Leu and we knocked out two big pieces in one day! Good luck and enjoy!
  2. Sometimes we get untattooed!

    It’s not horrible, but I did get some shots of lidocaine and that really sucked!
  3. Funniest Tattoo You Have...

    This is part of a larger piece done by Aaron Coleman, but I’m sure you can figure this one out!
  4. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    I finished my back 9 years ago and it hurt like a bitch. I prefer the traditional look anyway, but they tend to go a lot quicker too. Which is always a plus. Richard Stell did this in only two sessions. The first one was about 4 1/2 hours and the second was 10. Picture taken 10 minutes ago...
  5. Forearm "Life changing" ?

    My fourth tattoo was on my forearm. It was a snake wrapped around a panther and it was a huge step. Mind you, I was a senior in High School, and this was 1985. So, things were much different back then. This thread reminded me of how thrilled I used to get seeing the tail of the panther peek out when I was wearing a long sleeved shirt. I still have that tattoo (it’s since been redone), but I love those memories. It’s nice to see people still sharing the same thrill of getting a tattoo! I miss the taboo aspect...
  6. Most painful spot to get tattooed

    Chris just tattooed my last decent sized spot I had left, on my ass. Good times!
  7. Take The Pain?

    They all hurt and we all feel them. It's just part of the experience.
  8. Take The Pain?

    I was just going to quote Jack Rudy! I've been getting tattooed for 34 years, 160 times and probably 300 hours and I've never taken anything. Yes they hurt, but then again, they're supposed to.
  9. Done by Bob Roberts at Spotlight Tattoo...