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  1. Great tattoo!!!!! Hope you are enjoying it now!!
  2. Could be a reaction to the saniderm. You may have a sensitivity towards the adhesive. Wouldn’t hurt to have a doc check
  3. New Hampshire??? Definitely hobos or their sister shop Congress st tattoo in Portsmouth.
  4. Why is it rude to ask who the tattooer is?!?
  5. Looks like a little ink loss due to scabbing. Touch up should fix it right up.
  6. Rob I

    Tattoo help

    Agree with above. Could also be ingrown hairs caused by initial shaving and way too much lotion clogging pores. Keep it dry for a while
  7. Rob I


    I see zero scabbing. Tattoos can feel raised for a while. They are not fully healed for about 6 weeks and then take months to settle in. I don't see anything of concern
  8. Tattoo looks totally fine and seems to be healing very well. The lightening of the colors is totally normal as the ink is now under a layer of new skin. Looks totally and completely normal.
  9. done at Congress St Tattoo in Portsmouth, NH
  10. Rob I

    lion tiger back piece

    Chad Koeplinger
  11. Rob I

    lion tiger back piece

    Chad Koeplinger
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