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  1. Ok thx guys, ya so far I just have a full sleeve
  2. Recently got curious about something , for the artists who have a long waiting list has anybody even heard of someone asking the artist to do two tattoo's say a back piece and a full sleeve ? that way you are not waiting twice for a couple of years ? granted they are all individuals and might react differently, just wanted to ask for people's thoughts.
  3. Ya I am very open to the artists Input , all I can do is be a good client and be flexible , thx everyone.
  4. Ohh it's a big artist I don't wanna say who, I am probably overthinking this. I tend to research every possible outcome before doing something important , a good idea but at times I overdo it.
  5. Sorry if I phrased this poorly basically I have a consultation coming up for a tattoo where I was very politely told after the booking over the phone if the artist in question is interested in doing this project they want a deposit etc. so basically if the idea doesn't speak to him he isn't doing the tattoo.....I have no problem with this some artists are in such demand that if they took everybody their wait list would be too long. So my question is other than being a good client is there anything I can do to increase my odds the artist will say yes ? Has anybody been turned down by an artist for artistic reasons etc. ? am I asking you guys to read minds and am WAY overthinking this ?
  6. ya I just have one full sleeve and it was not an issue sleeping with the pressure on the fresh tattoo. But I know back pieces are quite challenging in terms of pain. With my neck issues I don't wanna be stuck thinking well now what .........can't sleep on my front or back.....etc. unfortunatrly I live alone and my dog had no thumbs or knowledge of hygiene *rim shot* but I could probably get some help from a friend.....I will keep that product in mind. ya for my sleeve I just slept with a fresh bandage and a long sleeve shirt which was glued on the following morning ?
  7. I did some searching and found the answers I was looking for......sorry about that
  8. Likely full back, I was just concerned with would sleeping directly on a back piece be too painful do people who get a back piece sleep on their stomach's for a night or two ? granted we are talking about a huge area so it's going to take awhile
  9. I am strongly debating getting a back piece done and my question is ....that night can you sleep on your back ? the reason I ask is I have neck issues and sleeping on my front with head turned hurts bad after only a few minutes. so any advice from those who had back pieces done how was your sleep for the first few days after ?
  10. Shouldn't you decide what tattoo you want ? i had shoulder and bicep surgery and got my sleeve to cover it, basically the only decision I made was swapping which arm the tattoo I really wanted was going to go on* My artist had tattooed over a number of scars so during the design consultation appointment we or more to the point he just altered the design to cover the scars. I had two minor scars on my shoulder and one thin long scar on my bicep. so I would decide what you really want and talk it over with your artist http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2068777/Man-lost-arm-freak-accident-stump-transformed-tattoo-artist-dolphins-head.html this had worse scars and he pulled it off * I had a Japanese full sleeve tattoo done one of the scars was covered with shading , and the others were covered by black and grey water design
  11. So I got my first tattoo based on recommendations from this forum , great result super happy. its been a couple of years and I really wanna get another non-traditional Japanese style full sleeve on my other arm. I am looking at Jess Yen but other options would be great to know about. so any other recommendations for a great artist in either Orange County Los Angeles ?
  12. Ya i have no idea how people apply thick 'anything' to their tattoo and avoid having too much on there, i just tried to apply as little as possible and blot out the extra with a paper towel. My tattoo artist did mention to me that if I used 'too much' antibiotic cream it can provoke an allergic reaction in people. The good news is the allergic reaction is clearing up super fast, the location of this issue was on my inner upper arm tricep/bicep area which is where a lot of friction happens But the good news is going forward i think i have a better idea how to handle post care for my tattoo since i have several appointments before the sleeve will be done. Thanks for the advice everyone i truly love my new tattoo and just want to take care of it the best way possible
  13. Ya i have been emailing my tattoo artist back and forth and sending pictures he has been really helpful , as far as the neosporin my artist just said to use a thin layer of anti-biotic cream for the first 3 days after the tattoo i am by no means an expert this is my first tattoo but when i googled tattoo after care i found a wide range of opinions on what should be used on a new tattoo for after care some say use A & D ointment ......some say don't use it. some say no antibiotic creams of any kind, because you want the fresh tattoo to be a bit dry because if moistened all the time it could make for a inviting environment for bacteria to form. some say use aquaphor , others say don't use too much or it can pull ink to the surface of the skin. some people rave about specially made tattoo after care products other say they are rip off and still others say they are not helpful at all. so for a new guy like myself i just followed my tattoo artists guidelines etc. One thing worth noting i sat for 4 hrs. at my first appointment and later that night i kinda felt like i had a mild cold or flu coming on, i attributed this to my immune system taking a pretty good beating from all the work i had done ( full sleeve line work ) but i didn't get sick and felt great the next day just a bit tired.
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