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  1. Mr_T

    Tattoo help

    @SStu so what should I put on it ? Nothing. It's been 5 days without putting anything on it .
  2. Mr_T

    Tattoo help

    @bongsau What kind of antihistamines should I take ? Shuld I also be washing daily still with antibacterial soap?
  3. Mr_T

    Tattoo help

    @oboogie @Gingerninja it does itch a little. It looks like it's drying up , I ll post a update pic soon. I haven't put anything on it since y'all suggested. I ll give it another month and if it doesn't set itself or clear up then I ll go see a doctor.
  4. Mr_T

    Tattoo help

    @Rob I @scottyg thank y'all so much for your input. I'm taking everything in consideration so that way my tattoo will come out better to its full potential. Glad y'all can help out.
  5. Mr_T

    Tattoo help

    What's up folks , I got my tattoo about month ago and I'm trying to figure out what all these little bumps on my tattoo is. Any help would be great. I've been putting ointment on it (bacitracin) and I wanted to see if there is anything I could take that would maybe help.