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  1. its text based tattooo could this be the reason he said you have within 2 years to make changes on it
  2. Will it heal back to natural colour after time? my tattoo is text based could this be why?
  3. did you get your tattoo done completely reworked

  4. I thought it was healed after 4.. Also why did my tattoo artist say something about having a 2 year time frame after that it shouldnt be touched ?
  5. If i wanted to edit some bits of the tattoo how many months/years would be considered too long that it would effect the tattoo one artist told me 2 years is this correct. Btw tattoo is 6 months old
  6. Does everyone find flaws in there new tattoo?
  7. i want more to go around it but not sure what. and if i dont get them do u think ill forget it still
  8. i hope i do get there. i really do. Thats crazy how u experienced the same thing gives me a good feeling.
  9. ive had this obsession for 2 months now got tatt in january .. Did u constantly look at your tattoo?
  10. How long did it take you for the obsessions to stop and how did it sink in
  11. if i could go back in time i would of had RIP instead of the dates
  12. how do i come to terms with tattoos not being perfect i love them now.
  13. its not making me miserable im just obsessed over the dot.
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