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  1. Ah man that sounds like a right pain in the ass. Hopefuly ill get over this maybe i will. Im the same even if i get a mark in my clothes or something so it not just tattoo but tattoos are more permanent. Ill leave it for now
  2. look at the pic the the dot makes it ugly... Any way it can be fixed ?? I am fixing my ocd currently to.
  3. Great news is that ive come to like the tattoo as it heals.. The 6 is my ocd do you recon if i had it shaded it would cover the 6 .. Or they could go over the line again?
  4. this would make me go crazy , how can i fix my 6 what could i do
  5. Any ideas on how to improve on it , it looks so thin, Shading i was thinking?
  6. very true. Lol
  7. Thank you for this reply it related to me alot. Your right i rushed into the tattoo beforehand anyway. I dont even like tattoos, and really wasnt in the right state of mind but someone said get one.. 2 days later I did. The night before i got it i was drawing up designs and thinking but me and my mum never had a great relationship and my mind was frazzled so i went with text as couldnt think of design/quote or something. Was even asking people for ideas. So I agree it doesn't do justice thats probably one of the reasons I hate it. Now thinking about her hobbies hairdressing and we had a dog which was a British bulldog but wouldnt want that on my arm tbh. I too am in a tattoo rut i absolutely hate it and Like you long sleeves do look like summers choice. Regarding laser treatment, when did you get this done? what are the results? and did you have any colour? Thanks for your reply
  8. There is no design nothing just writing . Its making me so angry and anxious
  9. I feel like its an unnecessary thing to have on my arm and its like im telling people that my mum died, is that me overthinking?
  10. On the second 6 there is a dot if you look close and also on the lines the ink leaks up. How can i fix the 6? Yes its irratating me as im a perfectionist and can get very iritable
  11. Why am i beating myself up, i dont get it. ?
  12. I hate my first tattoo check my thread
  13. Same issue..
  14. I have same issue i hate my tattoo heres my post you have any pics of yours.
  15. Im worried about it full stop i think its just a stupid tattoo. Did your tattoo go away completely?