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  1. Does everyone find flaws in there new tattoo?
  2. i want more to go around it but not sure what. and if i dont get them do u think ill forget it still
  3. i hope i do get there. i really do. Thats crazy how u experienced the same thing gives me a good feeling.
  4. ive had this obsession for 2 months now got tatt in january .. Did u constantly look at your tattoo?
  5. How long did it take you for the obsessions to stop and how did it sink in
  6. I will :)
  7. how was you on your first couple?
  8. if i could go back in time i would of had RIP instead of the dates
  9. how do i come to terms with tattoos not being perfect i love them now.
  10. its not making me miserable im just obsessed over the dot.
  11. Ive grown to like the tattoo , I want things around it just not sure what. Is this normal i think about the dot on the tattoo at least 55 times a day and check it its become a habit
  12. Hi thanks for your reply ive tried looking at other peoples tattoos and they all look so perfect . And ive stared at them just look at the 6 on mine its awful..
  13. I had it fixed up a little but dot is still visible its all i think about most of the time and hate the dot and the imperfection on the tattoo
  14. Ah man that sounds like a right pain in the ass. Hopefuly ill get over this maybe i will. Im the same even if i get a mark in my clothes or something so it not just tattoo but tattoos are more permanent. Ill leave it for now
  15. look at the pic the the dot makes it ugly... Any way it can be fixed ?? I am fixing my ocd currently to.