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  1. Going to the Doc. Fingers crossed
  2. I got it done 5 days ago. The skin in the inner bicep looks almost bubbly compared to the skin on the outside of my arm. Its just concerning because it's the only part that hurts out of the the whole piece. But thank you I appreciate the advice!
  3. Wouldn't other parts of my arm be affected as well? and also the pain started before the Saniderm. I had it put on the day after my tattoo. Which at the time everything hurt, but my inner bicep had the worst pain throughout the session and after.
  4. I posted a new thread with info and pictures
  5. I had recently gotten my upper arm sleeve done 5 days ago and I am experiencing the most pain from my inner bicep. it's more of a shooting pain and comes in flashes. Theres been a constant redness since the tattoo, but my artist had wrapped in it Saniderm so I had thought it was caused by the irritation from that so on day 4 I had removed it. The pain and redness is still there, what do you think? mind you it also hurt the most throughout the tattoo as well.
  6. Hello! I'm brand new to this tattoo forum and curious with some questions!