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    Got my first tattoo in 220hrs in. Tattoo...makes me feel alive !
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  1. $20K...? $5K..? ...we are talking in Bitcoin, right ?
  2. it looks like a photo-realistic, portrait style tattoo. not a Japanese tattoo. not a traditional tattoo. but either way, who cares, i think the tattoo turned out nice for you and connects into your arm fine. you got what you wanted, don't overthink it cause there is no turning back now :) ...and did I really read somewhere in this thread...$20K for a sleeve? WTF who is getting tattooed by JonBoy & BangBang in gold ink. yeeesh.
  3. Encompassing a variety of tattooists and styles...the Juxtapoz series of hardcover books are also nice reference books Juxtapoz Tattoo Juxtapoz Tattoo 2
  4. History of Japanese Body Suit Tattooing is fantastic
  5. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    ??? Don't be hard on yourself, 4.5 hrs is NOTHING to be ashamed of, especially on the back. You go girl ! And to the rest of yous posting in this are all a bunch of motherfuckin' tattooed warriors !!! You're all looking great, keep up the good work and keep the momentum :)
  6. Tattooing over blue

    over that nice big blue peony? if you put red over blue i would expect you'd get a purple type of tone. orange over blue, you're getting a shitty brown. neither is going to offset the contrast on the redish koi fish (i think that's what it might be?) you got and lose the subject, in my opinion. I'm not a tattooer however. i'd accept the colour scheme and finish it anyway. or re-hit with a darker blue? i've had some tattoos where the colour had a different look/tone to it because of bordering contrast when everything was finished and healed. the colours will settle and get the aged look over time.
  7. Everence...your opinions?

    Also seems to be a large contingent of well-known and well-respected tattooers in the sponsor circle...
  8. Everence...your opinions?
  9. Everence...your opinions?

    I think it's sketchy and a bit disrespectful to the dead. Never in my 15 years of receiving tattoos have I ever brought anything to my appointments for a tattooer to insert into the tattoo application - especially the ink - other than my own personal bottle of bactine. The act of tattoo in itself is a symbolic gesture. Adding a placebo product into the equation is a gimmick IMO.
  10. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I mean, everyone gets tattooed at the pace that works for themselves (money, time off work) and their tattooists schedule...from my experience - my arm took 1 month (i went every week) and the other arm took a couple of months. My back took 6 months. Guess my point is keep the appointments regular and consistent, stay'd be surprised how fast you can finish them projects! plan the work, work the plan. good luck ! edit // not hating, just giving perspective. my tattooists are all local. i had all the cash saved and ready before booking the appointments. That's just my routine so I can bang out the projects. In the past I would get take on one big tattoo project each year. It kept me focused.
  11. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    To quote KD Lang's 101 year old spunky Grandma (true story) "you better finish what you started". My advice is focus on completing what you have in progress. Awful lot of unfinished tattoos walking around, don't be a statistic! This has always been my approach. Eye on the prize.
  12. you figured it out, good stuff ! i like positive outcomes, especially when it's tattoo related.
  13. It could have been an honest math mistake at the end of a long day. If you like his work, then by all means continue. All the matters is if you're happy. Tattoos do cost whatever you're willing to pay for them. But it sounds like he's slow, painful and wasn't really respectful of your time/money - this of course is just from reading your responses on the internetz and we don't know the whole context...but the tattoo won't lie. Did it turn out awesome? Healing well? Red flag if you're second guessing whether or not you got the hustle. If you left with a sour taste why go back? maybe i'm just confused. or tattoo-naive because my experiences have been all good. Tattoos fade, the experience is permanent. Good luck
  14. post up a picture of the overpriced tattoo for reference. Time to prep the stencil and area, setup machines, pour ink, etc, i don't count setup as tattoo time. Take all afternoon to get the stencil placement perfect if that's what it takes. I start my clock when the first line is pulled and stop the clock when you call the sesh and the machine gets put down. I don't think I've ever been hosed on price. In fact most tattooists did me a solid and round down. I have however witnessed peopled getting the ol' round up, and usually it doesn't surprise me in the context of those situations. All that said, you were likely overcharged and then you left a tip. Suck it up as a couple hundo lesson-learned and move on.
  15. Tattoo advice

    I like the Daruma below the kneecap. Eyes[edit] A daruma doll with one eye filled in for wishing "The eyes of Daruma are often blank when sold. Monte A. Greer, author of Daruma Eyes, described the "oversized symmetrical round blank white eyes" as a means to keep track of goals or big tasks and motivate them to work to the finish. The recipient of the doll fills in one eye upon setting the goal, then the other upon fulfilling it. In this way, every time they see the one-eyed Daruma, they recall the goal. One explanation how this custom started says that in order to motivate Daruma-san to grant your wish, you promise to give him full sight once the goal is accomplished. This practice might also have something to do with the "enlightenment", the ideal attainment of Buddhism. This custom has led to a phrase in Japanese translated as "Both Eyes Open". Referring to "opening" the second eye, it expresses the realization of a goal. Traditionally, the Daruma was purchased as a household, and that only the head of the household would paint in the eyes." - Wikipedia