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    Got my first tattoo in 220hrs in. Tattoo...makes me feel alive !
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  1. bongsau

    Penis tattoo advice

    The Stewart Robson dragon penis tattoo is remarkable, intriguing and brilliant in the technical sense. There is an old thread from many years ago on LST "Areas Of Your Body You WON'T Tattoo", page 11 has Stewart's comments on that tattoo. If you search the internet you could probably find Stewart's detailed blog post and pic of it. I think that was that gentleman's first tattoo and he was prepared and had a firm vision which Robson executed with amazing skill . You could also search for Matt Gone (checkerboard man), I've talked to him in person about his tattoos. His website has some pretty graphic details about his underwear zone tattoos. You will probably have more luck getting info (or trolling) on the BMEzine backpages. Black out "piercer arm" is one thing...but "percier arm" penis is another ! LOL just pierce your cock or do a head split if you're feeling that kinky.
  2. bongsau

    Hello! Album covers as tattoos. Thoughts?

    dude, you cannot EVER go wrong with a Motorhead snaggletooth tattoo DO IT !
  3. bongsau

    Hand Tattoos

    Healing is worse than the tattoo on the hand. I dry healed my hands as I now do for all my tattoos. It was the scariest and most painful healing experience in my 15 years getting tattoo. But I received them from one of the best cats around, so even though it looked like my hand was a candidate for an amputation, by the end of a grueling 6 week period it looked immaculate and no ink was lost. I had faith the entire time in what my tattooist had made for me. This is precisely why one should wait and explore tattooing on other parts of the body that are easier to heal and gain a better understanding of what tattooing is.
  4. bongsau

    Questions on Two Artists

    I believe LST superhero and alumni @hogg has a backpiece by Jilly Bonny. There is a photo of it in his gallery (amazing!). Haven't seen him post here for a while though.
  5. bongsau

    Not liking my new Tattoo, panic attacks

    ^ one of the great things about tattoo that I think a lot of the average people getting tattoos overlook and miss out on. kudos for picking up on that.
  6. bongsau

    Not liking my new Tattoo, panic attacks

    super cool tattoo and you did it proper at that size/scale. It's powerful. The tattoo will smooth out a bit and feel more natural with time, once it settles in. No room for second-guessing when you get tattoo. It's great, don't over think it, just think about the next one.
  7. bongsau

    Post-infection cracked and bleeding mess

    I agree, you've applied 4 different products already and have irritated the hell out of a fresh tattoo. You're best bet is to tough it out and dry heal it. Don't lose hope, I've had waay worse looking scabby heals (with no product, strictly dry) and nothing was lost. If the tattoo was done well and packed in, that ink is in there good. Doesn't look too bad or anything that a light touchup can't fix.
  8. Foliculitis ? Try an epsom salt bath soak and then dry heal. see if that helps.
  9. bongsau

    Does my tattoo sleeve look odd?

    Mandala/geo tattoos aren't my style, but I think it looks fine, looks like a tattoo and gives the "sleeve" look which some people desire. I try to resist the urge to get extra tattoos at the end of a session. Especially to just fill space for the sake of filling it. You're endorphins are going and it can make for clouded, hasty judgement and second-guessing. I know cause I've done it before. Stick to the initial plan and if you still have gas in the tank, I'd save it for the healing. Then you get to have an extra visit and hangout at the shop for the next tattoo. My $0.02
  10. bongsau

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    the struggle is real LOL
  11. bongsau

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @Gingerninja omg that buddha toad is amazing !
  12. bongsau

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I suppose so. I've been tattooed by 20 guys over 240hrs now, mostly in Edmonton so I guess there is some local history to that. i've been keeping data/records of everything which I'm thankful I thought of doing early on. now to start my book...haha cheers.
  13. bongsau

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    haha thank you @Gingerninja it's on my long-term project list...i was going to make a collection of all my stencils and line drawings as a colouring book, but i think i should go even further with pro photos of my tattoos and stories about all 50+ of em. like a personal lived-in-tattoo memoir. Not sure who would want to read it but thanks for the encouragement! Still got a few more tattoos to get though ;)
  14. bongsau

    Looking for advice!

    The tattoo will still be ultra do not put any sun screen on it, it might irritate and infect. Just wrap a bandana over the tattoo to keep it protected from the sun if you're sun worshipping on holidays or in a tanning bed beforehand or whatever. Stay away from the chlorinated pools and hot tubs. Salt water ocean is actually great for healing but also depends on how clean the water/area you're staying in and how far along you are with the healing the tattoo.
  15. bongsau

    Chest/Torso Tattoos

    One thing I do enjoy about LST is the reminders of old posts/comments to see where I was and where I am now with my tattoo journey. So here is this crazy cat idea from a few years ago and an updated photo of my chest/torso. guess ya don't always need to put a panther on it! cheers