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  1. Just a thought: did you use a scented lotion? Tattoo friendly lotions should not sting. The only time that happened to me was when I ran out of my usual and the new shipment was delayed. I tried using lotion that was just lying around. It was supposed to be for sensitive skin and I reckon that should work fine. Turns out I was wrong. My tattoo started stinging, itching, and generally giving me grief. Started developing bumps, itched like crazy and I was forced to dry heal the rest of the way. Ended up healing fine but a tad faded. After that incident, I made sure I kept a steady supply of tattoo aftercare lotion available whenever I got a tattoo. I'm not saying that caused the lotion is the source of your woes but you might want to steer clear of that lotion in future in your aftercare routine. And any scented lotion, for that matter.
  2. I've personally thought of going to Japan to get a tebori tattoo and stumbled upon the Pacific Tattoo Company website mentioned in this article. Was wondering if anyone had arranged for a tattoo holiday with Pacific Tattoo Company. Would appreciate some input from those who have successfully done so.
  3. I believe the concern about swimming with a new tattoo is not about spreading diseases or germs to other people as it is about what it could do to your new tattoo. From what I understand, It is generally advisable to avoid baths, overly long showers or swimming to prevent the tattoo from becoming soaked and to protect it from bacteria and what-not from infecting the new tattoo since it is essentially an open wound. Strong chemicals and chlorine in the water can also irritate the new tattoo and interfere with the healing process. Other than avoiding the pool until your new tattoo is completely healed, you may want to monitor it for any signs of infection. Elsewise, just wait for it to heal.
  4. It's not an ink stain. As @scottyg mentioned, tattooing creates an open wound. In the course of the healing process, a scab forms, much like it does for any other wound. This scab will usually be the same colour as the ink. As the healing process progresses, it gradually flakes off. Scabbing usually takes place within 2-3 days but the peeling/flaking off part can take 2-3 weeks or even longer depending on a whole lot of variables. Just keep it dry and clean and try not to scratch, peel or pull off the scabs or flaking bits. If it gets too dry, a little unscented moisturiser should help to prevent it from cracking. But you should seriously follow the advice of your tattoo artist with regards to aftercare.
  5. cgrave

    Advice Needed

    Thanks for the welcome @Dan. You're probably right and I'm just overthinking things but I like understanding why these things happen so I can be better prepared. Same as reading up on what to do here on this forum before I took the plunge to even get a tattoo. But yeah, I hope I'd still be up for getting tattoos by the time I hit 60. Probably cos, as mentioned in my first post, my tattoo artist ain't a got clue and I was hoping someone here would have had some experience with something similar? I don't see why being curious about something I have never encountered before qualifies as any of those things you mentioned. I never said it was infected. My tattoo artist is just being cautious. That long break really took a lot outta me. I have always kept breaks to 20 minutes or less but my tattoo artist wanted to get some work done before freehanding the rest. Hence the long break. Aye, my tattoo artist has a fairly light touch. Which is why the "holes" just caught us both by surprise.
  6. cgrave

    Advice Needed

    I initially thought it might be the placement (middle of the bicep where the muscle usually contracts) combined with the post tattoo swelling that lasted 2 days. But the little holes were confined to 2 or 3 spots and all of them were on the chain, which was completed prior to the 1 hour break we had. So I thought I'd just check in with my tattoo artist and pick her brain in case there was something I needed to take note of or perhaps change my aftercare in case putting aftercare lotion might make it worse. Was planning on continuing with the usual and seeing how it turns out but my tattoo artist nixed that idea and told me to get some antiseptic on it in case it gets infected. And hence the whole reason I ended up finally posting on this forum. Thanks for the advice though.
  7. cgrave

    Advice Needed

    I am not new to the forum per se. Have been lurking around for a bit after I decided I would finally start getting those tattoos I have always wanted since I was a clueless teen. That was last year. And being in my late-30s, I am fairly late to the game. I have a ton of allergies, sensitive skin and am prone to eczema hence instead of going big, I started with a small tattoo just to make sure I don't end up being allergic to either tattoo ink or the process. A few days ago, I had the last of 4 sessions for my upper arm half-sleeve. I have stuck with the same artist throughout and have healed almost uneventfully for an earlier piece and my other sessions. For some reason, this last session did not go as smoothly as any of the earlier sessions. It got rescheduled; there was a long break (more than 1 hour) during the session; at the end of the session, after nearly 5 hours of tattooing (not my longest), my arm was swollen (the first time that happened). And to top it off, 3 days into the healing process, I noticed "holes or divots" where there used to be shading. These holes look like open wounds and I am understandably concerned. I have always gone to great pains to take care of my tattoos during the healing process. I wash them with antibacterial soap twice a day, air dry, then put a thin layer of Tattoo Goo on it. That is the only time I would touch the new tattoo. I have not scratched it, rubbed it, slept on it, or caused any trauma to it. I have always followed the same aftercare routine for all my tattoos and nothing stands out as a possible cause for what is happening right now. My tattoo artist is as puzzled as I am. She has asked me to put some antiseptic cream on it and I intend to follow her instructions to a T. But I would like to see if anyone has had similar experiences or know what could be causing these "holes". Infection doesn't seem likely since they don't hurt nor are they warm to the touch. They are just a tad red. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.