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  1. Thanks man, I’m slowly growing more and more into it. I take it more as brutal honesty which is sometimes needed.
  2. Thanks for the kind words. That’s really what I came on here to hear. I’m calming down more, but I still freak out here and there. Guess I just gotta wait for the end result and trust that I’ll get used to it. I also have to learn to be confident in it and not worry what others think.
  3. I know it sounds crazy. I thought I put enough thought into it. Now that it became real I guess it hit me harder.
  4. Speaking for myself, I am well aware of the extensive lasering that would be needed. I also know it is too early to even seriously think about that. Everyone says it looks good. I think it’s just the big difference of how i look now to how i look before that is really throwing me off. Then I start to get in my head and put myself in different situations where having a tattoo will affect me or have me judged. something I never did while in the preparation process. Guess I just came on here to be reassured this is normal and that I need to relax and let myself get used to it 🙂
  5. Yeah I’m hoping it’s just an adjustment phase for me, the thought of laser removal or hating it forever is not fun
  6. Yes I agree it’s was very well done, just the black is really throwing me off of how different i look
  7. Hey everyone, thought I’d join the forum for some insight. Everyone here seems really nice and helpful. So I went big with my first tattoo, a half sleeve on my forearm. I’ve been planning and saving for a long time, and did my research on artists. The artist I chose is very well respected. However, I feel the artist could have communicated with me more as I didn’t really ask for all the black. It turned out way darker than i thought it would and my maple leaves are getting comments here and there that they look like weed leaves. I got this session done Thursday, it’s now Tuesday and the past two days have been driving me insane. I’m having anxiety and even have been searching up tattoo removal options. I understand post tattoo anxiety is normal but I guess I would like some insight. The sight of it being so dark and different to how I looked before and what others will now think of me is something I never thought I’d feel during all the planning. Also sorry if you guys have had to explain this 1000 times already!