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  1. Went a bit realistic underneath my neotrad bird on Monday. Not finished as yet - quite a dark piece really but I'm coming round to that brown background. Inner bicep skull area a bit nippy with a few expletives muttered...
  2. Not against travelling anywhere, just need to have an idea what I'm looking to do as a follow on from the raven - content and style. Flowing theme or spliced, unrelated individuals. Morag Sangster (or Richard Pinch but talked to Morag and she seems cool) in Scotland for Japanese, countless others for B&G or neo traditional, realism etc. If I was to start with a blank arm, that would be easy (okay maybe just easier). To be honest, just like my movies, I am often more interested in how they look (and sound - movies) as to what they are saying but a good story is always a bonus. Colo
  3. Scotland - still part of the UK for the time being.
  4. I know there are many answers possible to this query and it is a personal choice... blah blah... but my brain is fried thinking about next steps. Gimme some thoughts please! I want to continue down the arm, probably full sleeve but not necessarily in neo trad style. My general leaning is towards wildlife, snake, flowers, maybe a bit of a horned god cernunnos thrown in... Would you go for something that has a full flow or just join individual things up. It could be japanese I reckon but could it look cool with realism or black & grey for instance? This was a cover up and although h
  5. Looks great, definitely leave. Cover up would not make anything better Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  6. I know it's often said 'as long as you like it then that's all that matters' but it is good to get feedback from other tattoo enthusiasts. I appreciate it hugely - helps with any dissonance that creeps in over such a long term commitment. So, thanks again one and all for chipping in!
  7. Thanks! Artist is Guerra Stinger currently working out of Inverness, Scotland - although he is from the Canaries.
  8. Raven cover up now finished for the moment. A few peony additions and a good luck pentacle for protection and nature connection. What's the thoughts? Plain skin people in sauna will obviously think I worship satan but that already makes me laugh... its nice to get the sauna to yourself
  9. So many styles, so little brain to take it in...that's my experience. It can become a bit wearying making that decision. Just got a large cover up finished off on Monday. I was actually getting fatigue thinking about it... whether to go full sleeve, Japanese, neo trad, bit of realism somewhere. Started to make me feel ill. So I stopped and just went back to what the artist suggested. Pics soon. Feel good now its done too! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  10. Hey Sipes23 - really cool snake dna design. I like the ouroboros symbolism - it all just keeps going round! Sorry that a total tadger decided to spam your post. Some folks have no common decency. Stephen Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  11. Makar is a storyteller in old Scots. I have spent my working life in nature connection - more than a job of course. The planet needs us to appreciate it more than ever - Makars of the world unite! Go out and get a dose of nature - lots of paths you can take in life just make sure some of them are dirt!
  12. Next thing I need to work out is the flowers to give it a bit of a colour lift. I'd like Scottish wildflowers but peony and rose were mentioned at the end of 7 hours of needles. Thought required...
  13. Snake has now become a raven. 7hrs today - the collarbone stuff was a stinger for sure. Talking of which, done by Guerra Stinger of Extreme Tattoo, Inverness. Another couple of hours to come adding some colourful flowers and more leaves. I like it! Now need shower and bed...
  14. Now that would be something! I like it - no nausea with that at all...
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