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  1. New here & to tattoos

    I don't think so.
  2. Remembering Those Who Served..

    I'm catching up on my sailor tattoos.
  3. Remembering Those Who Served..

  4. Hello - Looking for Advice!

    It's his right ear that's turned,but they can turn them like that when they want to listen to something.I wouldn't have even noticed.
  5. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Got this today by Nathan Blankenship at Exile Tattoo,KC.
  6. Upcoming Tattoos

    Appointment tomorrow at Exile Tattoo Kansas City.Nathan Blankenship.
  7. First tattoo!

    He probably received the design. nobody is 100% sure on the first tattoo. It is normal not to see the design until right before its on you. dont get it if you don't like it. Dont sweat it,it's a piece of cake.
  8. Just joined and wondering ...

  9. What's your impression of this artist?

    I like more black in my tattoos.Those are beautiful but how long they going to last?
  10. Hello World!

    You stopped at two?
  11. What's the background to this tatto

    Take another picture in focus.I think that's probably a very nice tattoo and not hard to read at all.
  12. Tattoo Advice for Me

    So...you all want a tattoo but no one knows of what? Why?
  13. Does this tattoo look like a penis

    No...we don't need that.
  14. Does this tattoo look like a penis

    Exactly like a penis.
  15. What do you think about this tattoo ?

    A cross.