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  1. People who get one or two tattoos can give you a story about what they mean.People with lots of tattoos just like cool tattoos.
  2. Michaelshane

    Short sun exposure new tattoo

    Almost every day someone comments on how good my tattoos look.Its because they never see the sun.
  3. Michaelshane

    Short sun exposure new tattoo

    I cover my arms with UV block sleeves.
  4. Michaelshane

    Short sun exposure new tattoo

    Don't do it anymore.You obviously know it's bad.
  5. Michaelshane

    Hello from Spain! (and advice please)

    Let's see.
  6. Michaelshane

    So I wanna get a hand tattoo...

    I think you will get it no matter what anyone says.
  7. Michaelshane

    Penis tattoo advice

    Go for it,Better yet go for a barber pole or candy cane.
  8. Michaelshane


    It's fine,it's a tattoo.
  9. Michaelshane

    Upcoming Tattoos

    A few days off is not enough.Healing feet sucks.I got one done then six months later after I forgot how bad it was I got the other one done.
  10. Michaelshane

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Got this today by Nathan Blankenship,Exile Tattoo.
  11. Michaelshane


    I want to see the clowns.
  12. Michaelshane

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    I liked him a lot.Makes me very sad.
  13. Michaelshane

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Jessie Hopless finished my rose today....
  14. Michaelshane

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Going to get my rose finished tomorrow by Jessie Hopeless.Third session.