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  1. Ha...At least I can tell what that is.
  2. I want to see pictures of other tattoos this guy has done.
  3. Some people call it bad luck,some call it bad decisions.
  4. It looks great,really it does.I got my first tattoo on my chest.I went to a small shop the tattooer had great traditional tattoos so I figured he could do what I wanted.I was wrong.I hated the experience,the atmosphere,everything about getting tattooed.And....I got a very bad tattoo.It bothered the heck out of me until I learned that there were good tattooers.I booked with one and started getting great tattoos.I have a bunch now and the first one doesn't bother me at all anymore.
  5. I'm allergic to lanolin ,I didn't know I was until I used lubriderm on a tattoo,it burns.
  6. I can read it just fine and I think it's cool as hell.
  7. Tattooers charge what they charge.Some charge more than others,it doesn't mean they are ripping you off.I get tattooed by people I know are good and I don't care what they charge,I just pay it and I tip well.I get good tattoos.
  8. Michaelshane


    The itch comes faster after every tattoo.
  9. Michaelshane


    It's upside down.
  10. It was darker when freshly done because of the wounded skin.Its fine.
  11. You want some wisdom?When the tattooer tells you how much it is,pay them and add a tip.He or she will be happy to tattoo you again.They are professionals treat them as they deserve to be treated.
  12. It does not look like an F to me.It should be easy to cover.Go to a shop and ask them.
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