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  1. Michaelshane


    I want to see the clowns.
  2. Michaelshane

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    I liked him a lot.Makes me very sad.
  3. Michaelshane

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Jessie Hopless finished my rose today....
  4. Michaelshane

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Going to get my rose finished tomorrow by Jessie Hopeless.Third session.
  5. Michaelshane

    Faded new tattoo

    That's what a tattoo with no outline looks like.
  6. Michaelshane

    What does this tattoo simplify?

    I like how my tattoos look,that is all.
  7. Michaelshane

    Tattoo meaning?

    I think it's a compass and a map.
  8. Michaelshane

    Upcoming Tattoos

    It will look fine longer than that.
  9. Michaelshane

    Not liking my new Tattoo, panic attacks

    They will want tattoos too.
  10. Michaelshane

    Upcoming Tattoos

    How much time are you talking about?
  11. Michaelshane

    Not liking my new Tattoo, panic attacks

    That thing is bad ass.I would get another same style on the other side of the back.Just as big and dark but different bird.
  12. Michaelshane

    Does my tattoo sleeve look odd?

    It looks good I think.
  13. Michaelshane

    Does my tattoo sleeve look odd?

    The pictures are too dark.
  14. Michaelshane

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Second session,one more to go.By Jessie Hopeless Kansas City.