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  1. Ah whoops. That makes so much sense. Thanks for the replies!!! Hopefully my tattoo doesn't suffer too much
  2. Hello, everyone! Just got a big forearm piece on the 6th of June. Its beginning to scab, flake. Everytime I apply lotion to it (I use Lubriderm Advance Therapy), my tattoo burns. Is this a bad thing, or is my tattoo just sensitive since it's still fresh? I was using Lubriderm because a lot of people recommended it for tattoos. Thanks everyone!
  3. I got big forearm piece on the 6th of june (from the absolute bottom of my wrist to the inner elbow). All black work. My artist told me to take off the wrap after a day, which i did, and clean twice daily and only start putting on cream/moisturizer after 3 DAYS. The thing is, I've just taken off the wrap and washed it once (it's been a few hours), but my tat is already starting to get dry. Cracking a bit, tight skin, etc. Should I moisturize right away, or listen to my artist and just wait 3 days? Every article says to moisturize right after the first wash. Thanks, everyone! 🙂
  4. I figured, yeah. If that's the case, I'll definitely pay any amount they ask for. I just wanted to be sure because I'm so new to the tattoo world
  5. I'm planning to get a tattoo on my inner forearm. I scoured the internet and found an artist I liked. I always do a shit ton of research before going to an artist because I'm picky and want the tattoo to look flawless in the type of styles I'm into. Found a guy, made my appointment. Explained to him that I want my inner forearm tatted (top to bottom) and he gave me a quote of $700 - $750. I was shocked because my previous tattoo, which covers 3/4th of the FRONT of my bicep (no wrap around) was only $550, and I went to a well known artist from my city (so much so that he was booked for months before I got an appointment with him). I'm a petite female, so my arms are quite small/thin. The length of my forearm is ~ 9 inches, while the the widest base of it (inner elbow) is 4 inches. My wrist is ALMOST 3 inches. Being an artist myself, I respect any artist's hard work, and I would never try to cheap out on someone. I just want to understand if I'm being ripped off, as my previous experience wasn't as EXPENSIVE. I know every artist's process, rates, etc are different, but I just wanted to make sure if this pricing is fair. The design I want has big details, but with my arm being so thin, it'll look underwhelming. Respectfully, I asked him if we can incorporate a "wrap around" element (not entirely a full half-sleeve---just wrapping into the other side a bit) to give it more of an attractive look and compensate for my small forearm, and he told me that doing so would end up costing me even MORE for the tattoo. I want to be well informed about the world of tattoos, so I'm hoping someone can thoroughly explain to me if this artist is being reasonable. If a design is good enough, and if the artist's prices are fair, then I am MORE than willing to pay the $750. Especially because it's often SO HARD for me to find a good artist from my city (and I don't have the luxury to travel to other cities/countries for it). Thanks for the help in advance! I'm new to the world of tattoos, especially when it comes to prices and such, and I want to be well informed to be able to respect and pay an artist properly! Picture above: Bicep, $550. c Picture above: Reference for forearm Picture above: 2nd reference for forearm