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  1. No, I would not haggle. But I would also have a menu on the desk with all the prices. Before starting, I asked artist how long it would take approximately. He said 'i have no idea, not too long'. Finished in an hour and told the receptionist to write down 1.5 hours. Idk, maybe it is how the things go usually, that's why I am asking here where lots of people with lots of experience would share some wisdom.
  2. I wish it wasn't.. Haggling is the part of local culture, unfortunately. You have to haggle everywhere - when taking the mortgage, when buying the cellphone, when doing the cosmetic procedures.. Tattoos are no exception. Ok, thank you all! I will keep my mouth shut:)
  3. And a photo. Sorry for bad light, it's almost night here already. Someone said that if you dislike your tattoo just go and dget better ones. No, doesn't work. Now I dislike my older ones even more;)
  4. So you think I shouldn't ask administration about this?
  5. Hello, May I ask you, if you pay per hour (not daily/per piece price), what exactly is going into the payed time? Preparing/freehanding the sketch, preparing the station, tattoo time, cleaning and wrapping? I've just got a small tattoo, it took 2 hours from entering till exiting, exactly 1 hour of tattooing time, and payed for 1.5 hours. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to have a piece of nice work but just to ease my mind - is this the way the things usually work?
  6. That's fine, more traditional will blend better with existing tattoos. I hope;)
  7. Thank you very much! I will definitely take your advice to consideration! Here is another option as well (I like her the most, most of the time she is not in Israel so I only now found her) - https://instagram.com/soniatattoolady What do you think?
  8. And hooray healing is going well!
  9. Hello, that's me again!) Can I ask you please to take a look at two portfolios and give some thought about the artists? https://instagram.com/noabntattoo https://instagram.com/nyxhc And this is what I want to do.. not exactly this of course, just as an example
  10. I put it couple of hours after, to preserve the tattoo in rather filthy Ukrainian train.. Anyway I took the film off already, approximately 24 hours after putting it on. Everything looks fine now, no ooze, no scabs. Than you all for your help and inspiration! My new tattoos are absolutely not what I imagined or even considered before, but admiration for this style grew in me slowly after reading all the treads here, and I couldn't be happier now.
  11. Also this one. It came out too close to reference.. I love it to bits, but still it bugs me a lot that I haven't asked to change it more. It was originally designed by Elizabeth Huxley.
  12. My humble addition! It has a bit of glue (after second skin application) on it still.
  13. Hi again, So I found and put some kind of second skin on the tattoo.. it is oozing like crazy, and leaks out from film - should I take the film off? I was told to leave it for 5 days, but it looks a bit terrifying with all that ink and plasma dripping..
  14. We don't have it where I live also. And I don't have time for it to arrive from USA.. Any other suggestions? Leave the cling film till the time of arrival? To wash the tattoo in airport and wrap again there?
  15. Thank you all! Just a quick question - I will have to get home after tattoing - 8 hours in not so clean train and a plane flight later. So total close to 16 hours. How do I care about new tattoo? I am not sure if my artist use -derm products, actually I am not sure they exist in that country at all..
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