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  1. I had one that got REALLY infected on my tricep, and when it finally healed all it needed was a quick touch up to pack some more color. Like others have said, all you can do is maintain your aftercare and wait for it to heal fully.
  2. If you are seeing your doctor today, bring it up with them.
  3. Samth


    Are you applying more moisturizer than usual? Could be clogged pores
  4. Also, 9 days is nowhere near long enough to tell. It will take at minimum 4-6 weeks to heal, and sometimes even longer to actually settle. Only then can you tell what the skin will look/feel like.
  5. Depends on your skin and how it heals. Just enjoy it! (not like you can take it off and start over, right?)
  6. Honestly, it looks good! That placement is one of those spots where depending on how the arm is positioned it can look a little wonky. My guess is it looks straight when your arm is straightened out/natural. (I have a dagger on my tricep and it only looks "straight" in certain positions haha) Let it heal fully, and if you still want the line size matching, you can always have that done.
  7. Wow...totally didn't read the part about weakness and lotion. Yea that makes no sense
  8. Samth

    My first tattoo

    Nope, just healing. Give it a couple more weeks
  9. Might have beat up the muscle a little bit, when I got my tricep piece done it was sore for a good 3 weeks. If you have access to it, a good unscented lotion with CBD really helped
  10. The skin just isnt done healing yet
  11. 3 weeks still isnt healed, and no tattoo looks the same as the day it was done. Let it heal FULLY (inner layers of the skin can take months to fully settle after a tattoo), but it looks good
  12. Could be the fogginess from the healing skin...just let it completely heal and get it touched up if needed. Also, a picture would help give us a better idea of what you're talking about
  13. Feel hot? Weepy? Some areas are extra sensitive and take more time for redness and swelling to go down
  14. Different areas heal differently. Also possible that one area required more work and so has a more drastic healing process. Some of my lighter touch ups didn't even peel lol
  15. Samth


    I know people that have experienced this, especially when it is a large or highly visible tattoo. You've drastically changed the way you look, so your brain has to "re-define" how it pictures your body. This can often lead to some temporary distress or anxieties. All my friends who have experienced this felt better after your brain gets used to your new look and self image. Hope that helps!