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  1. Let it heal...only then can they do a touch up well. You don't know what needs to be touched up until it is healed
  2. Once it is all healed, easy touch up
  3. Samth


    If these pictures are fresh vs healed, it looks like some of the darker/interior red could be a candidate for a touch up. This could give you a solution. However, it looks like they are present in your rubix cube too, so maybe it is just your skin/follicles holding ink? I also agree, that thing looks way over moisturized...let that thing breath!
  4. Samth

    Red ink reaction

    I had something similar happen on my last tattoo (big, red, d20 on the back of my arm) and my skin did not like the red ink. It kept weeping and scabbing for ~2 weeks. Finally got it to dry out and heal. Got it touched up to put the red ink back in and had no reaction at all, healed super easy. Basically, the body can be really weird!
  5. Samth

    Tattoo Faded

    Looks like foggy skin of a healing tattoo
  6. Samth

    Tiny Red Spots

    Without seeing a picture, kind of sounds like a little dried blood in the follicles. Should wash off/go away pretty quickly, at least in my experience
  7. My wife has a water color-ish tattoo and it has held up fine. The advantage is a)it was done by someone who knew how to do it well, and b) the actual image has a thick strong outline and details with only the color shading done in the water color style