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  1. ezh

    Healing red

    Some people have sensitivity to red ink! Do you have any other tattoos with red? From what I understand, the healing is more annoying and it may be more likely to require a touch up than other colors.
  2. Your response means so much during my time of stress!! Thank you for the reassurance and for understanding my perspective 😊
  3. Thank you so much for your time!
  4. Thank you!! Having another opinion is a huge relief, I appreciate your time!
  5. Definitely will let it heal and will reassess once the ink colors start to match better as the new ink settles in. Thank you for the reassurance and your reply!
  6. I love that you’re keeping it Freddie themed! Looks like it’ll be dope, can’t wait to see!
  7. Hi! I’m Erica. New to the forum, sought out a community like this because I’m laying in bed having a little bit of an anxiety attack. I just added onto my chest piece, having asked my artist to extend it to cover the armpit chub area. Not sure if I’m just having that new tattoo immediate regret or if my concerns are actually valid. I’d love a second opinion and potentially some advice 🤞 I know I’m asking a lot in my very first post but I’d really appreciate it! I’m stressing because it has a splotchy, dalmation-y feel to it, not really connected together. Definitely going to let it heal and settle in before making any moves, but does anyone know of a way this can look more like 1 cohesive piece? Thank you in advance for your help!