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  1. Oboogie, I agree with you. They certainly do.
  2. The other scab is just fine and I think that area will turn out okay.
  3. Oboogie, scab came off. I think because it is in the crease every time I bend my arm the skin was separating. Again, I’m a nurse I definitely know better than to mess with scabs on wounds.
  4. Had my doc hubby look at it and he said it’s down to the dermis. I am a nurse so I know how to take care of wounds so, I don’t think it was anything I did.
  5. SStu yep. This morning the scab came off completely and it took off a few layers of skin.
  6. Thanks you guys. Yes, I was thinking that as well. Just letting those to areas dry heal and deal with the fallout later.
  7. I think he was definitely heavy handed in these areas too.
  8. Hogrider, I got it 3 days ago. This last Saturday. I have never had scabbing like this. The rest has slight scabbing that just started to scab.
  9. Oboogie, That’s the thing. I am barely putting any on it. I don’t think it is infected but I did notice that this area oozed a lot the first day. I have had several tattoos before but never had this happen. Out of the entire colored portions those sections are the only 2 that look this way. I am careful when washing because that part only gets soft again. Also, the one in my elbow crease may take longer to heal I guess.
  10. Good morning, I have a quarter sleeve and recently went back for additional color. However, I don't think this is normal. I have have scabbing in some areas. Is this normal? See pics
  11. Thank you Hogrider. I am going to wait and see. Maybe he was heavier on the shading in this area or could just be my body. Who knows
  12. Thank you. I guess I was just comparing it to the other side and was worried that the scab hadn’t peeled off yet.
  13. So, I got part 2 of a sleeve about 9 days go. Part 1 healed great however, with this one it’s healing weird. The scab looks wavy and isn’t hard at all. Overlook the chill bumps, it’s freezing in my home. Thoughts?
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