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  1. This is the first time that I think someone night be on to something. I've seen doctor's. I've seen my GP 3 times and a dermatologist as well. They all came up empty. I'm going back to my GP today because the muscle pain is still worse. I was wondering if it was possible to have nerve damage that caused radiating pain after getting a tattoo. My wife has had multiple surgeries on her abdomin. Because of the multiple lacerations, there has been nerve damage that, at one point, has her in the hospital with level 10 pain. After physical therapy, the pain diminished. The araa that I was tatto
  2. Dude. I don't know how to be more clear. I got a tattoo. I started having muscle pain under the tattoo and the ink itself started to hurt in the same way a sunburn would hurt. It was out of the ordinary. I'm not crazy or stupid. There is a definite causality.
  3. I have full sleeves. And I've NEVER had an issue before. The two things happening back to back like this isn't a coincidence. There's no way they're not related.
  4. I'm having an identical issue, adding muscle pain. See my thread for specifics. How did yours end up? if you ever see this.
  5. 5 weeks out now and my shoulder / arm pain is worse. The dead skin on the tattoo is worse. It looks wrinkly and scalier than it did before. I saw a dermatologist and he gave me a steroid creme yesterday but so far it hasn't helped at all. I don't know what this could be but whatever it is it's feeling worse.
  6. Ok. Just having muscle pain. But I guess if it's not hot or having leakage, it's not infected. I just don't know why I'm having muscle pain.
  7. Well, it's fine I guess. I'm done with the antibiotics. My arm is still really sore. And, 4 weeks later, my tattoo still looks scaly. Which is unusual. This isn't my first tattoo, I have sleeves. But it had been 2 years since my last tattoo and I NEVER go swimming. I wanted to try a new workout and forgot I wasn't supposed to swim. After 10 minutes in the pool, I realized what I had done and jumped out and cleaned it. I'm a little worried that it looks so scaly after 4 weeks. From what I remember, 4 weeks is normally when my tattoo is completely healed. Also Im having muscle pain
  8. Yes. And it's gotten less healed over 2 weeks. It's on a downward slope. Which is why I'm posting again.
  9. Ok so the swimming was my fault. I hadn't had a tattoo in YEARs and I totally forgot. That's why I'm worried. I was in the pool 10 minutes and realized what I had done and got out. Is flaking normal 1 month later? From everything I've read, it should be almost fully healed by now.
  10. This site wont let me post in aftercare questions still. So I am posting my question here. So it's been 1 month to the day since I got this coverup worked on. I went swimming 1 week after getting it. About 5 minutes into the swim, I realized I wasn't supposed to be doing this, so i jumped out, went and washed it right away, etc. So, I've had arm muscle pain ever since. Like, my entire arm muscles have been sore. And the tattoo, one month later, is not looking as healed as I am used to tattoos looking. I'm just wondering if it's normal for it to sstill be scaly / shiny 1 month after I've g
  11. So, now my whole arm hurts. They started me on antibiotics. But im SO worried about it. I keep getting muscle and bone soreness in only the arm with the tattoo. It's been 2 weeks since I got it and one week since I swam. I'm so worried that I have an infection in my muscles and bones. Does any one know when I'm basically clear for infection? Like would it have presented in a week or less? Or can it show up 2 weeks later?
  12. Hi everyone my name is Ben. It wont let me post this question to the AFter Care section. So I'm posting it to the only place it will let me post it, the initiation thread. I just have an aftercare question and would REALLY appreciate some insights from the experts on this forum. So here goes ... Ok, so let me start by saying, I am incredibly sorry that I did this. I did not mean to spread my germs to others. I got a tattoo exactly one week ago and it was mostly done healing (a few small scabs and peeling). So, my artist didn't tell me not to go swimming. I guess she just thought I
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