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  1. Welcome aboard! 🙂
  2. Simong


    Welcome! 🙂
  3. Still needs to heal, you won’t know what it looks like until a month or more. They always look rough when healing.
  4. Like others have said you can’t make a dark tattoo lighter without laser. For what it’s worth I think it looks ok. I think by adding to it it will just make it even more dense. The ankle could definitely be reworked with the right tattoo artist.
  5. Ah thanks. Looks like you have had a long journey with that one! I bet you are finally glad it’s finished. It definitely doesn’t look like a cover up! 👍
  6. I think it is a big deal but not like it used to be. It’s so common to see people with tattoos everywhere now but of course some people will still judge you. I had tattoos on my upper arms originally and always thought I wouldn’t have my forearms done. Then my mum passed away recently and I wanted to get a memorial tattoo and i thought why not get it around my forearm, I want people to see it and I’m proud to show it off. Like the other guys said you just get used to it. It does feel strange when you can see it all the time though so get used to it catching your eye a lot at first!
  7. It all depends on size, the bigger you go the less chance it will end up being a blob. I believe over time lines can double in size so at 3 inches I would imagine some of the signature will close up. Your artist will be able to tell you about the best size to do it to remain legible.
  8. Thanks @SStu, I appreciate that mate. 🙂
  9. I think after 8 days that looks pretty normal. What have you been doing as far as washing, creams. After 8 days it probably still will be sensitive. I think you may be being slightly paranoid. Is this your first tattoo.
  10. It looks ok but if you were expecting something else then obviously you would be disappointed. You probably should have checked with the artist to make sure he was doing what you wanted and not just copying the image as he did. I’m sure there are plenty of artists out there but you need to let it heal first then wait a few months and see how you feel about it then.
  11. I just had some more added to the dove and clock to try and tie both images up. I was happy with it but wanted to fill the gaps so I added the cloud and sun rays. I think it looks quite busy and am still getting used to it but I did want to tie both images up so I’m happy to complete it! It’s only been a week so still healing yet. 🙂
  12. Simong


    It’s definitely looking better. 👍
  13. Simong


    Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses. It sounds like sticking with whatever works for you. I was always sceptical as everyone used to dry heal years ago and now there’s new “wonder creams” being put out all the time. I thought it was mostly a scam to get your money.
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