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  1. hi all! it's been a minute since i've been online - hope you're all doing well and are safe! ☺️ i wanted to ask, in your opinion, at what line does inspiration become ripping off another artist? is it okay to see someone's art and commission another artist to do their own take or spin on a concept? what are your thoughts? for example, i really want to get black phillip from the vvitch tattooed on my leg. i love the composition, styling, and overall design of this artist's interpretation. however, i would not want my own artist to blatantly copy someone else's design? i'd want them to
  2. it went really well! here’s a pic right after it was finished!
  3. after how much it hurt, i don’t know if i’ll be brave enough LOL 😂 and thank you!
  4. just got my second bigger tattoo on my arm and i’m already in love with it!!
  5. i'm getting a planchette from a ouija board tattooed on my arm this saturday with my best friend!! woohoo!!!
  6. i just wanted to give an update and let anyone worrying about their tattoo know that mine looks a million times better after 3 weeks! it was ugly while it was in the peeling stage, but everyone's advice to let it go and wait was 100% spot on. :~)
  7. thank you! for whatever reason, healing this tattoo has been giving me intense anxiety so i’m so happy to have some reassurance during this time of uncertainty 😊
  8. thanks so much for your response. 🙂
  9. hey all! i just got my fourth tattoo 4 days ago, and it’s the first one that’s visible to me 24-7 (others are on my back, my upper arm, and my inner lip). i’ve even paranoid about this healing process because i see it all the time! my lines have gotten a little bit thicker. i’m wondering if this is normal healing or if this is the beginning of a blowout. which do you think? i know that either way, it will be at least 3-4 weeks to see the final results. do any of you still get anxious when you’re in the healing phase? thanks 🐝
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