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  1. I can't even handle how much I love your back, @cltattoing ! It all fits you so perfectly.
  2. I assume your stomach hurts with hunger? :) @polliwog - I think they add artists 'til pretty close to the convention, since if some people who already said they are already coming cancel, they always have a wait list. But by now I'd assume that the bulk of the announcements are made.
  3. @cltattooing - yes to the waist! I had like, a deep primal instinct to bat my tattooer's hand away. Like that's not supposed to be there.
  4. @cltattooing - thanks for much for your insight on this. I have been trying to understand the restrictions against getting tattooed while breastfeeding, and I wasn't finding much clear info. So I appreciate your thoughts! This story is still insane, though - I am very uneasy with judges legislating how a woman can feed her child, especially with such black and white bans.
  5. This is my favourite thread. I hereby nominate @cltattooing to make us all "Free Taco Wednesday" t-shirts.
  6. @TrixieFaux - I have already gushed about it, but I love it so much!!! I hope it was a great experience. The tattoo is just perfect.
  7. Ok DUDE. Here is the thing. When you post in a public place, just like when you have a public conversation in real life, people are allowed to criticize you. They are allowed to disagree with you, find you annoying, whatever. That is how freedom of speech works. This board does not allow for abusive language, but that doesn't mean everyone has to like everything you say. THAT IS NOT "GOING AFTER YOU". It is people reacting to the words you write. You are also allowed to not like them and to criticize the words they say, so it's hardly unfair. I just find it baffling how on a tattoo board where dudes like to talk about how tough or whatever they are, they so easily complain if people call them out for anything, like the fact that yes, on a message board that literally has posters from around the world, maybe people find it kind of strange to post your local weather forecast and wonder what that contributes to the board. No one is obligated to like your posts or think you are a good poster. That is just not how the world works. Toughen up, people.
  8. You are allowed to not like someone. They are allowed to not like you. Democracy is amazing.
  9. Dude, look up what political correctness means. It is not the same thing as being polite. You can talk however you want to talk, but then you can't bitch when people find you annoying. Them's the breaks of social interaction.
  10. I think we all had very predictable opinions about this idiocy here: http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/crazy-tattoo-stories/34-tattooers-only-most-hated-tattoo-requests-page15.html
  11. You guys - you have the right to post pretty much whatever (as long as you don't break forum rules), but other posters also have the right to be annoyed by it. Freedom! America! I think the issue with these things isn't so much about posting "random crap", because yes, this is the section of the forum dedicated to that, but that people get annoyed by the quantity of such posts. Like we all talk about whatever rubbish when we have conversations with each other in real life, but don't you get annoyed when one person dominates a conversation over and over again? I know I do. And I know that in my own life, I try not to be that person (and I can be very long-winded and opinionated, so it is a conscious effort!) Like no one is trying to run anyone off the board, but I just think the general unspoken rules of conversational politeness that we probably all try to adhere to in daily life also apply online.
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