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  1. Thanks. That's my attitude as well. Clean up, move on.
  2. the saggier they are, the better they bounce!
  3. house got broken into, so I've been on the phone with the insurance so much. That's a pretty shitty thing. Not as bad as losing a friend, or severe medical issues. My heart goes out to you guys.
  4. One of the nice things of black and grey is that they don't clash with whatever you're wearing as much as colour does. That said, I wanted colour, but have since fallen in love with black and grey. I'll probably stick with black and grey, it's just so clean and elegant.
  5. I've recently taken back my arm from ugly scars, and let me tell you, it feels so good to have a part of yourself back! Welcome here.
  6. isn't this true for all people? Vitamin D and all that?
  7. thank you! I agree, every day I like it more and more, and every day I feel better about this arm. I'm unlearning all sorts of habits to hide that arm :D
  8. yea... no. I'd rather spend that money on better things. Like tattoos :P
  9. I kinda like the placement myself, where its put, it will almost always be facing out to the world.
  10. Thanks Heather, I appreciate it :)
  11. yeah, definitely waiting for it to heal. I'm kinda pale so I don't spend time in the sun without sun block as it is, so I'm not worried about watch tan lines :)
  12. Thanks guys :) It always feels dumb asking questions like this, but hey, if you don't ask, you'll never know.
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