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  1. dont worry about it the panther just scratched deeper on that part. also it might have just been a tiny ingrown hair
  2. tatB

    Tattoo advice

    agreed. i was thinking a panther/tiger/leopard would fit in with this collection of images that make good tattoos.
  3. tatB

    Tattoo advice

    Welcome Mark! Looks like you have some great tattoos. Please share some photos of those!
  4. beyond recommending a shop or artist there is not much advice we can offer. sure we can say place it this way or that way, or make it this size or that size, but at the end of the day these are decisions you should be making with professional tattoo artist.
  5. do you have an artist in mind? that is much more important than choosing the perfect google image/ stock photo to use as reference.
  6. i dont like the shadow. keep it simple. if we are using google image as reference i would get something more like this: also make sure you go to a good artist or it might end up looking more phallic than you want.
  7. @Boiled Dove Congress St Tattoo and Hobos Tattoo In Portsmouth NH Hidden History Tattoo in Dover NH and Redemption Tattoo down in Cambridge MA All within an hour or so drive of Manchester
  8. we all need to revisit this classic thread:
  9. agreed as long as they are going to quality shops/artists. but too often people think "it is just a small simple design so anyone can do it!"
  10. i think you have a lot of great subject matter there that can become a great tattoo. let us know where you are located and/or if you are willing to travel and we can make some artist recommendations. i am imagining so many different tattooers using your design as a starting point and making some really great pieces.
  11. those roses are great! it is going to be a killer tattoo!
  12. tatB

    Tree Tattoo

    i thought i wanted a tree for my first tattoo but when i started looking through portfolios i saw all these awesome tattoos that weren't trees. so i decided to get something else (followed by many other tattoos that also aren't trees) and i'm much happier because trees aren't really that exciting. edit to add: if it is going to be a smaller tattoo maybe focus on part of the tree. maybe maple leaves, cherry blossoms, or a pine cone and pine needles.
  13. I've had similar. It looks worse now than it will when the red calms down and heals. The more time it has to heal the more "normal" it will look.
  14. @fala @marley mission feeling normal today. probably just needed to catch up on sleep and hydration after flying to a wedding last week
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