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  1. Just got a new little filler piece on the back of my leg from Dave Fox tonight.
  2. @Hands On I think that’s a rad idea I’ll start a new thread, I’ll write something up tomorrow!
  3. Chris Ademek had a cancellation and I was able to get in with him just 2 weeks after emailing him which I was super stoked on. Unfortunately this snow storm rolled in and I had a 75 mile drive home so we didn’t get to finish the piece. It’s a portrait of my grandmothers wedding photo from the 50s. She passed away last year and oddly enough the cancellation happened to be her birthday. I’ll wait to post a progress pic when my skin isn’t so angry. But here is the reference
  4. I never tried it but that’s probably a good idea and something that would generally benefit me, not just being tattooed. I feel like my diet probably definitely lacks magnesium and i will look into taking some supplements.
  5. Hey guys, just read through all 44 pages of this thread and felt I could contribute a few things as I have a back piece in progress with Myke Chambers. It’s very reassuring to hear that a large portion of you felt this is very tough project to tackle. I have my full front done and with the exception of the belly button, the back is just brutal in comparison. I’ve found the sweet spot for me is 3-3.5 hour sessions. That seems to be where my endorphins are drained and it becomes a huge mental battle. I believe a few of you mentioned involuntary movements when tattooing the butt and i experienced crazy spasms in my left cheek. Myke actually had to have another tattooer hold my ass still. I’m only 3 sessions in and we started this a LONG time ago. Late 2013. Then lots of life’s curveballs were thrown at me and I just wasn’t able to get tattooed. There’s a bit of story with that which I think speaks to my experience and the character of Myke and what a genuinely caring, humble, and down to earth guy he is. I don’t want to go into it with a huge post if it’s of no interest but I’ll gladly share my experience if anyone would like to hear it. Anyway, I’m back where I want to be, achieved the goals I set out to reach and am in a place where I can get back into this.
  6. New here, had been idle and haven’t gotten a session in about 5-6 years. Have an appointment March 18th with Jake Delbene (outside Philly where I live) to get a goat head with a little more evil vibe. Waiting for a response from Mikey Sarratt in Phoenix (My son lives there and I visit every other month) And hoping that I get a response from Chris Adamek to do a portrait of a really cool photo of my grandmom who recently passed. (Will probably be the only black and Grey piece I ever have)
  7. @onlyme I think maybe you’re just overthinking it. Find an artist whose style you really like and decide how big of a space you’d like to do and have a general idea or vision of what you want and let them create their interpretation of it down. If you get super specific and caught up in every little thing needing to symbolize and represent some profound moment you’re probably going to end up feeling at least some disappointment. Pick a good artist and you’ll get a rad piece. If you come discover another artist you like more or your tastes evolve then get another one somewhere else! none of my tattoos mean anything and I’ve never brought any references in. I know the style I want and just point them in the direction I’d like to go. For example I think a wolf would look rad on my stomach. And then just see what they come up with. As long as you’ve chosen a good artist you’ll probably be stoked on the design. IMO these are the 2 most important things when getting tattooed: number 1 being artist selection and number 2 articulating your vision in a way that you’re getting what you want but not limiting their ability to give you the best tattoo that’s true to their style.
  8. I don’t particularly regret any of my tattoos but I do wish I could do my first two over again. I’m not going to get them removed or covered I guess I appreciate them as part of the learning process. They aren’t bad tattoos just what you’d expect a new uneducated person to get when they haven’t done the proper research. I don’t think my desire or interest ever faded away either. More so my goals and responsibilities changed and i really focused on accomplishing the things I wanted to in terms of my career, financial stability etc
  9. I think I got my first tattoo about 9 years ago and didn’t really plan on getting anything after. Not long after I got a half sleeve from Myke. Swore I would never go beyond that. Few months after that we were finishing the full sleeve [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. What’s up everyone, new guy here from Philly area. It’s been about 5-6 years since I’ve been tattooed and haven’t followed as closely as once did. Now that I’m at a place where I’m able to seek out pieces and projects i want I’ve got that itch to really get back into it. I’ve got a sleeve by Myke chambers and also a back piece that we started and need to get finished. From the brief reading I’ve done, he doesn’t get much love here. Im a big fan of American traditional but I love and appreciate all styles of tattooing. I’ve been saving my left arm and right leg for a special project, after getting lots of pieces on a whim or just hanging in the shop late night and letting your friend go to work. Currently waiting on my passport so I can begin trying to start a sleeve project with Peter Lagergren
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