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    I got one tattoo, and then I couldn't help getting more. It's going to be a problem one day. (update Sept. 2015) my non tattoo collecting friends say I have now attained niche status.
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    montreal quebec canada
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    tattoos (as you may have guessed), leather boots, selvedge denim & finding clever puns
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  1. Ask your tattooer...
  2. You guys seen what Todd Noble has been up to? His reveal game is lit! Cawfee filta stylez an' erythang!
  3. Hi there, I think what Marley means is that this forum isn't one where people seek advice on the making tattoos side of things. It's a collector's forum. I'll give you my quick word of advice, it's not a bit of internet validation that will get you into anything. Show your images to the tattooers who are surrounding you, maybe they will help you, maybe not.
  4. A big terrible liar!!! Or some kind of mutant.
  5. Though I do like the concept of having earned my tattoos, I feel that way about all of my collection. Some tattooers seem to work in a way that is more painful than others, but it all hurts anyway. So my thinking on it is get tattooed by people who's work you can't live without. With proper after-care and a bit of luck all the work of the pro tattooers we so often discuss here heals well. They may apply it a bit differently from one another, but in the end it's all about the healed image. They know that too and work to make it happen. So if two tattooers inspire you equaly and one is known for their soft touch go for it! Otherwise I figure the process is less important than the final outcome.
  6. No one ever must get any tattoo, well at least outside of Russian prisons. So if you are going to get someone's name make it bold as hell because you love you mom or kid that much!!! Or delicate and beautiful, just saying don't get a name thinking you may want to cover it one day, that's just dumb.
  7. I may just be looking at the site through rose coloured glasses this past week, but it seems to me people have been giving good and friendly information of late. Just today I think we may have saved a woman from an instagram white tattoo of doom. Go team LST! +1 for cat healing. Derm to cat licks = no scabs and no flakes!
  8. Yeah, Chad has that special touch, but always so worth it. I remember him saying that he thinks his tattoos will last longer because he gets more ink into a given line than your average tattooer. Maybe that's why it hurts so good. The bruising goes away as Rob said. Get something from him! It's a club worth the entrance fee.
  9. Hi there. The skin in that area is quite thin and delicate, and that tattoo is in there. There isn't really much to be done unfortunately. You could try to find a skilled artist to re-outline it in white, but that will not likely accomplish much for you. A shadow in white will just make the whole thing seem bigger still. I recommend you just accept the tattoo as a reminder for where you were in life at the moment you got it, and move on to the next one.
  10. Hi there, this forum is going through a bit of a shakeup at the moment, so instead of giving you a smart ass remark, I will try to steer you in the right direction. My first suggestion would be to tell us where in the world you are. That way people can recomend good shops and artists near you. That is your next step, go talk to an artist whose portfolio you like. Have them create a design for you. What you draw is rarely going to be a good tattoo. Let them help you make a good decision.
  11. Hey there, the beauty of traditional tattoos is that you can put anything next to anything else. That rose looks awesome, get something like that for sure! As for your existing tattoos, don't sweat them. The lettering is nice, and it's on you, so just enjoy it and add to you collection.
  12. Hi there, you've already posted a thread about your forearm roses which are quite nice. As was suggested there and here, go back to that artist and ask them. Or look at the many great tattoos that come up on instragram and get inspired. Then use words to tell your artist about what you saw. Let them do their thing with your idea. Also, a compass tattoo becomes feminine when you put it on a female body. Perhaps mention that you like a lighter line weight instead of a bold line.
  13. Hi Dan, this was meant to be a somewhat tongue in check post. Got a bunch of attention for a bit and gave me more laughs than I've had here in quite some time. This is the age of the internet, where people ask questions without caring about the answers. In the past few weeks many new users of this forum have posted some really novel questions. I'll agree that there are no stupid questions, but there certainly are stupid people! People are welcome to ask if applying butter and dog licks to a new tattoo is a good idea, but they had better not get offended or keep defending their position of ignorance when everyone who replies tells them why they're wrong. That is called learning, and a lot of new posters don't seem interested in experiencing it. We the chosen ones on LST know that good tattoos may only be had in one or the other of the "two styles". So when we see anything else we are inclined to be down on it. People get easily offended when talking about art, which if we look at it, tattooing in essence is. So let's try to be nice to each other, but sometimes you just have to feed the troll. Cheers.
  14. No worries! Thanks for keeping things running here. I'll post here if I notice it again. Cheers
  15. Your tattoo will probably fall off. Really though, we are not scientists here. I have hit my tattoos hard and even scraped them and they are still there. You're not going to get much more information on this subject.