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  1. Unfortunately not... Would love to see your tattoo if you can get this glitch sorted.
  2. Let's keep this momentum going! My panther vs. snake by Bailey Hunter Robinson. This tattoo just celebrated it's 5th year looking out at the world. Done in one sitting with about 4 hours of tattoo time, while Bailey was still in NYC. This was my first big tattoo, and I'm still stoked on it everyday!!! Play on LST.
  3. There seem to be a lot of weird posts from the o.p. of late, many of them plugging his business interest. I have called him out before and I guess I'm doing so again.
  4. Was stoked to see this pop up on instagram! Very cool to see all the phases.
  5. I too have a lot or repeats, rose and flowers in heaps, angry cat heads and just generally angry heads aplenty. But none as epic as this fellow, he knows what he likes and he likes Bert Krak's eagles!
  6. I started by looking at the pictures and was scratching my head as to how one guy had two different tattoos... Nice work on the photoshop! I really like the lower image with the peonies. I mean, you're talking about blasting over your nipples, so why not go mega bold?!?
  7. I was staring at this when it came up twice today on instagram, and of course it is on an LST member!!! Awesome, you are very much winning today :)
  8. I think eight ball is a classy choice. Or mini black panther head. I don't believe that a dragon would be the appropriate choice for this one.
  9. Watch out. You'll end up with a body suit if you keep going in for "touch ups".
  10. Somewhere in this mega thread, or the other mega backpiece thread there is talk of a "fudoshi" basically a long strip of fabric cleverly wrapped around the waist and legs to cover up Japanese style. Search for it and you'll find it. Otherwise I saw a fellow getting his whole back and cheeks done at the Montreal convention this year, as public a space as can be. He had a sock and a paper towel draped over the area. Was good enough for him. People at the shop will laugh it off or at worst be scandelized and have a great story to tell with their new infinity symbols tattoo.
  11. What's the difference between a large pizza and an avid tattoo collector? The pizza can feed a family!
  12. Have we ever seen a photo of this powerhouse collaboration? Sounds like it would be awesome!
  13. Good thing you listen to all the advice you solicit... Looks good though.
  14. Hi Charles, hope you're doing well. I notice that you are new to this forum and are quite keen in posting. I'm not too sure what you're working towards though. Several of your new threads seem to have a commercial vibe to them, are you hoping to sell us something? If so we have a forum group for that, but I believe you are supposed to try to keep those posts to a minimum. You seem to be really into tattoos, so perhaps you should look around and contribute to some of the ongoing or older discussions, enlighten us with some opinions and knowledge. Maybe cool it off on these drawing books and colouring books by tattooers for tattooers messages, we get it. cheers, Sam
  15. Those tattoos all seem fine to me. You seem to be rushing along here with your first tattoo about two weeks ago now. You didn't seem to keen on that one, though it looks as good as your others, but then you went back for more... Tattoos are still a forever thing, don't settle for getting what's convenient if you have exacting taste, but once you've got it Live With It! I hope you don't go back to that shop as it doesn't seem to meet your expectations. Let everything heal up and by that I mean wait two or three months, then it will be time to evaluate what to do next. If you still hate them, you should probably get them lasered off and step out of the tattoo game as the art-form might not best suit you.
  16. I think you and Gary would be able to figure that out.
  17. Never had this with red ink, but an orange and on another occasion some white highlights were still peeling months and months later. Like the surrounding skin was fine but these areas were extra dry. It eventually cleared up and now all those spots are fine.
  18. I love how so many of the cool tattoos I see on instagram turn out to be on LST posters! Keep up the collecting.
  19. You guys seen what Todd Noble has been up to? His reveal game is lit! Cawfee filta stylez an' erythang!
  20. Hi there, I think what Marley means is that this forum isn't one where people seek advice on the making tattoos side of things. It's a collector's forum. I'll give you my quick word of advice, it's not a bit of internet validation that will get you into anything. Show your images to the tattooers who are surrounding you, maybe they will help you, maybe not.
  21. A big terrible liar!!! Or some kind of mutant.
  22. Though I do like the concept of having earned my tattoos, I feel that way about all of my collection. Some tattooers seem to work in a way that is more painful than others, but it all hurts anyway. So my thinking on it is get tattooed by people who's work you can't live without. With proper after-care and a bit of luck all the work of the pro tattooers we so often discuss here heals well. They may apply it a bit differently from one another, but in the end it's all about the healed image. They know that too and work to make it happen. So if two tattooers inspire you equaly and one is known for their soft touch go for it! Otherwise I figure the process is less important than the final outcome.
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