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  1. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Damn, panther rat rules.
  2. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Super inspiring stuff here @Gingerninja @Hands On @bongsau @Colored Guy and @Boiled Dove - giving me the itch! Now that winter weather is settling in up here it'll be much more comfortable to get tattooed, too...
  3. Lurker now posting, first tattoo, tebori half-sleeve

    Yeah, got plans for the other side? Not to overlook the awesome work already done, of course...
  4. What’s wrong with my tattoo?

    That looks like a question for your doctor.
  5. Hello! (And a question - possible blowout)

    Too soon to begin nit-picking your tattoo - give it several weeks. And even then, don't nit-pick your tattoo. None of them are perfect under a microscope...
  6. Finally snapped some pics of my squidpant-in-progress. Pretty sure all of these tattoos have been posted on LST, just not all healed and together. While I'm looking forward to adding more to it, I'm also really happy with where it's at at the moment... From oldest to newest: bicycle dropout by Gordon Combs, rose/dagger by Jeff P., wolf by R.H. Wells, umbrella/clouds by Tron, rooster, by Gordon Combs, tiger by Chad Koeplinger, skull/rose by Jeff P. Thanks for looking.
  7. It'll take a few weeks or even months before your tattoo is fully healed/settled, and the black and grey should become much more pronounced (or at least less red), so don't sweat it.
  8. first arm piece

    Awesome. Welcome to LST, now show us the back piece!
  9. Looks like a great line up. Really looking forward to it.
  10. Another noob

    Yeah, welcome to the forum. Got any pics of your tattoos? We love pictures around here...
  11. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Bumping this for others to re-up their latest tattoos. Here's one on me by Jeff P. at Art Work Rebels from earlier this summer:
  12. @Steve No problem at all, thank you for getting it back up so quickly! Cheers!
  13. Am I losing my mind, or did the Latest Tattoo Lowdown thread in the General forum disappear?
  14. hey!

    Very nice. How many LST newcomers do you think have ended up getting an animal with a dagger??
  15. Jondix! Knew I was forgetting a good one.