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  1. el twe

    Hello! Album covers as tattoos. Thoughts?

  2. el twe

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    He sure knows how to make a nice girl head... Congrats @Gingerninja !!
  3. el twe


    If I may... It's really not about the blowout. It's about changing cultural norms and how lots of people these days are rushing into tattoos in highly visible places before really committing to being a 'tattooed person' (ie arm sleeves, more larger pieces). Every artist and every client will have different views on this, but I have to say I agree with the old school mentality - certain tattoo placements are 'earned' in that sense.
  4. el twe

    Not liking my new Tattoo, panic attacks

    Yep, I agree with everyone else here. It's a fantastic tattoo, and it'll only look better after it settles into your skin. I've had my fair share of tattoo regret, and it's faded every time. Sometimes within a couple weeks, other times much longer. Give yourself time. And I know you don't want to do the other side of your back (at least not yet ), but a whole back piece built around that tattoo/style would be effin' rad IMHO...
  5. el twe

    RIP Thom Devita

    For those interested, Scott Harrison's "Thom DeVita's Customer" podcast/story is now available on LP: https://shopreaper.com/products/thom-devitas-customer-lp-by-scott-harrisson And the NY Times published a nice obituary to Thom (although seeing the word 'inked' in the first sentence made me cringe):https://shopreaper.com/products/thom-devitas-customer-lp-by-scott-harrisson Scott is quoted in the obit, referred to as a "tattoo artist and one of Mr. DeVita's customers" which brought a smile to my face. I can only imagine that was a conscious choice by Scott, but if it's purely coincidental then we know Thom is still pulling some strings with the universe.
  6. el twe

    More tattoo regret

    Your tattoo looks very well done and fits the arm just right. You should be proud of it! May I ask why you're having reservations?
  7. el twe

    Red Ink reaction or something else?

    Go easy on the lotion and let your body do the healing. If it persists and you're still concerned about it, reach out to your artist. I've had some funny stuff with red ink, I bet you just need to give it more time.
  8. el twe

    RIP Thom Devita

    So sad to hear of his passing, but the man seemed to have led a great life. His Tattoo Age episodes are responsible for really hooking me into the history of tattoos and art in general. I'd love to wear a piece of his flash some day...
  9. el twe

    Need tatoo advice

    ^^^I'm with @Hogrider on this. Maybe a tiger head?
  10. el twe

    Mystery tattoo machine??

    First thing that came to mind: http://electricpen.org/ I believe the electric pen was the predecessor of the modern tattoo machine, so it might add up. Only funny thing is the lack of coils on yours. Maybe missing? Or I'm way off base...
  11. Welcome to LST. How old is that tattoo? It looks great to me and if it's as fresh as I think it is, let it settle in before you decide to add to/tweak it. I'd be afraid that adding much else would make it too busy and hard to read.
  12. Rain cloud, or fishing rod, or Jelly Roll Morton with a banner that reads "Oh, the Water"? But yeah, bounce this idea off your artist - something good will come from this.
  13. el twe

    New guy in the block

    Welcome to LST! Some of my favorite artists tattoo somewhat regularly in India - check out Robert Ryan and Freddy Corbin. Mr. Corbin does amazing black and grey work. And yes, remember good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good...
  14. el twe

    How can I avoid tattoo peeling?

    I don't want to sound like a dick, but this is why you go to a real, reputable tattoo shop...
  15. el twe

    Time for antibiotic cream or not?

    Any old non-scented moisturizer will do. I use Aveeno myself, available at pretty much any drug store. Go easy with whatever lotion you choose, your tattoo needs to breathe! Too little is better than too much.