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  1. I get this from time to time with older tattoos and have found witch hazel to be an effective salve to stop the itching. Available at your local drug store, and worth a shot...
  2. Right on. You're off to a great start. Welcome to the forum.
  3. I don't think you'll go wrong with a pin-up, eagle, or panther there. Classic tattoos in a classic spot.
  4. I like that. Who is the artist?
  5. ^^^ https://www.tattoolifestore.com/apparel/tattoo-shoes.html
  6. The rare combination! Awesome tattoo, I love the placement and how he tied it in with the surrounding pieces. Congrats!
  7. Hi, Elle! Got any pictures of your tattoos? Plans/ideas for the future?
  8. Awesome. I really dig the dagger lady, and that rose is top notch!
  9. Good story, good looking tattoo. Who did it? Welcome to LST!
  10. That's a great looking collection, Emil!
  11. I like getting tattooed in the late afternoon/early evening so I can head straight to the bar after... Kidding aside (although I'm quite serious about that), covering your fresh tattoo should be just fine. Maybe try to get tattooed on Friday so you have the weekend to start healing/lotion-ing/following your artist's healing instructions. Keep it clean, keep it lightly moisturized, and maybe look into Tegaderm to really protect it.
  12. Not about my first tattoo, but rather all of my most recent. A little back story: I was somewhat eager to show my parents my first couple of tattoos, but once I really got the bug I was somewhat embarrassed to bring it up. So I just didn't. Fast forward through 7 tattoos, and I just decided enough was enough - I was tired of keeping something that I cared about a secret! Because I could just never bring myself to start the conversation on the phone, I drafted an email and sent it off one night about a week ago. Like so many of you have realized, it takes more than just some ink under the skin to really disappoint your parents. While not thrilled, they seemed receptive to the idea (and I made it clear that I would be getting more tattoos in the future), expressed their concern for any neck/throat/face tattoos, and then basically dropped the subject. It feels pretty damn good getting that off my conscience, and I'm glad they (somewhat) approve (not that it would have made a big difference!).
  13. Been on a bit of an LST hiatus, but this thread reminded me of this guy: Trippy drippy wolf by R.H. Wells, blood by me.
  14. Jeez, Koeplinger, Jondix, Hooper, and Lehi...what a month!
  15. Man, this is the absolute right response. Good on ya.