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  1. Red Ink reaction or something else?

    Go easy on the lotion and let your body do the healing. If it persists and you're still concerned about it, reach out to your artist. I've had some funny stuff with red ink, I bet you just need to give it more time.
  2. RIP Thom Devita

    So sad to hear of his passing, but the man seemed to have led a great life. His Tattoo Age episodes are responsible for really hooking me into the history of tattoos and art in general. I'd love to wear a piece of his flash some day...
  3. Need tatoo advice

    ^^^I'm with @Hogrider on this. Maybe a tiger head?
  4. Mystery tattoo machine??

    First thing that came to mind: http://electricpen.org/ I believe the electric pen was the predecessor of the modern tattoo machine, so it might add up. Only funny thing is the lack of coils on yours. Maybe missing? Or I'm way off base...
  5. Welcome to LST. How old is that tattoo? It looks great to me and if it's as fresh as I think it is, let it settle in before you decide to add to/tweak it. I'd be afraid that adding much else would make it too busy and hard to read.
  6. Rain cloud, or fishing rod, or Jelly Roll Morton with a banner that reads "Oh, the Water"? But yeah, bounce this idea off your artist - something good will come from this.
  7. New guy in the block

    Welcome to LST! Some of my favorite artists tattoo somewhat regularly in India - check out Robert Ryan and Freddy Corbin. Mr. Corbin does amazing black and grey work. And yes, remember good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good...
  8. How can I avoid tattoo peeling?

    I don't want to sound like a dick, but this is why you go to a real, reputable tattoo shop...
  9. Time for antibiotic cream or not?

    Any old non-scented moisturizer will do. I use Aveeno myself, available at pretty much any drug store. Go easy with whatever lotion you choose, your tattoo needs to breathe! Too little is better than too much.
  10. Everence...your opinions?

    oh shit, didn't realize soundwave tattoos were real...The internet is such a weird place.
  11. Everence...your opinions?

    Not quite sure what to think about Everence, other than it's definitely not for me. I'd rather get a soundwave tattoo:
  12. New to the community

    The one thing it seems everyone agrees on when it comes to getting an apprenticeship is to GET TATTOOED. Show your enthusiasm, be patient, and maybe you'll get lucky. In the meantime, keep drawing! It looks like you've got an eye for it. Oh, and welcome to LST!
  13. Hello from CR

    Either a cohesive background like @SStu suggested, or just get more little filler tattoos. It looks like there's a fair amount of space for even medium-sized tattoos in there. Don't rush it, building a collection "organically" like this takes time.
  14. Red ink healing question

    Didn't feel like much of anything, really. Again, I'd strongly suggest cutting out the lotion/cream/etc. for a few weeks and just allow the tattoo to breathe and the skin to heal itself before adding more to it. After that, I strongly endorse a drop or two of vitamin E oil (as I've seen suggested by a few others on here for weird heals).
  15. Red ink healing question

    @Leah3 weeks is still plenty early as far as healing goes, I'd skip the ointment and wait at least 3 more weeks before starting something else... I meant to update this thread sooner, but here's the latest on my red ink saga: The benadryl cream didn't do a whole hell of a lot for me, other than some short-term relief. The next suggestion was witch hazel, which I applied probably daily for several months. Things got better, but only to a point. Granted, I was told to have some applied with a tattoo machine and needle to get it under the skin, but topical application seemed to help. I then visited my local shop, got a new tattoo, and asked this artist if he would do as the first artist (who had a guest spot but lives too far away for me to conveniently follow up with, besides the point but still) suggested and actually tattoo the spot with witch hazel. He graciously obliged, which sparked a conversation with another artist who had a client with a similar problem and suggested rubbing vitamin E oil on the red ink. The witch hazel tattoo helped a lot right away, and once that felt "healed" I began applying vitamin E oil twice a day, then daily, and now every few days. Now, there are still some small spots that are a bit raised/hard, but nothing remotely like it was before. The whole experience has honestly soured my feelings about the tattoo - nothing against the artist or the design, but I can't help but associate it with this 15+ month long healing process... Sorry for the ramble, and hope it didn't come off as too much of a rant. Tattoos!