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  1. Sorry man....that’s there for life.
  2. Just me, but I wouldn’t. You need to clean the wound regularly. You don’t want it swimming in all the gunk. I have used saniderm in the past with very mixed results. Mostly negative results actually. I prefer to let it heal the old fashioned way.
  3. I think that tattoo looks great as is. Don’t change a thing.
  4. Wow...yeah, that’s gonna be a LOT of work. Lol
  5. I just looked him up on Instagram. His work is amazing and definitely complex....but I still feel that 60 hours is too much. I’m currently working on a full sleeve (Japanese style dragon) and I’d guess that 20 hours will be about when it’s done (give or take, of course). Admittedly, my sleeve will likely be far less complex but still.
  6. How complex will this tattoo be? 60-90 hours seems like an awful long time for s sleeve and chest piece.
  7. gtrjunior


    You’re waaaaay overthinking this. It looks the same in both pics
  8. gtrjunior


    Or is it??
  9. Absolutely....I have the same thing going on. Some areas are more scabby than others. If you think about it. What we are doing is having a liquid (ink) directly injected into our skin. Of course there will be some spreading....that’s what liquid does. However it’s nothing to be concerned about until at least 4-6 weeks after that session and only if it’s abnormal as compared to that rest of the tattoo. Unless the artist is really not very good, I’ve seldom seen any type of blowout or other negative side effects once the tattoo is healed. I have found that people tend to overreact to the healing process.
  10. Right now that’s still one big scab. Relax. You need to heal. I had a tattoo season 2 days ago...look at my lines right now. They are a scabby mess. But In a month they will be smooth and silky. It’s NOT blowout. It’s the healing process. Let it happen.
  11. Ok, so I got tattooed last night and didn’t go to the gym today....I guess I lied. Lol
  12. Just got in from a session. We did about 2 1/2 hours. Got just about the entire sleeve’s line work complete. Still a little more to do on the inner arm, which I’m not looking forward to!! I’ll post some pics in a few days when it isn’t so raw.
  13. Welcome aboard