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  1. Yeah, there is an ignore button. Maybe the internet is too tough for YOU.
  2. I simply stated my opinion. You’re free to disagree all you want. Maybe if you can’t work with what is there, you’re not a very good artist. And though you’re trying to be crass by calling me a “chick”, I am in fact a man. Don’t get tough from behind your keyboard, pal.
  3. You’re an animal!!! Lol
  4. Also...to address the question of walking in with a pic. For an entire sleeve like you want it’s unrealistic to think that somebody could perfectly recreate a picture you found online. You’re best bet is to talk to the artist and let them come up with a unique design that will be all yours!
  5. I have a half sleeve on my right arm and I’m currently working on a full sleeve on my right. Every step of the way we have discussed what we are going to have in the design. The artist draws it on my skin with a sharpie and then I check it out in the mirror. I have input the whole time. But, you’ve got to trust the artist to do his/her thing. They are the professional and it’s what they do for a living. Despite other’s opinions I think you can definitely get a killer sleeve in the desired style. Just be open to ideas. The current tats you have may present limitations but I certainly don’t think you need to have them lasered.
  6. I understand perfectly. His current tats are so small and light that any good artist in the style should have no problem incorporating them into a sleeve. And by the way....this is a discussion forum. If you want to disagree with me that’s your prerogative. What we don’t need is your cocky “Umm’s” and capitol emphasis words. That’s just being a jerk, unnecessarily.
  7. Well you sort of made my point for me. Had this been a big black panther that he wanted to cover then there’s no way. But because they are light, small geometric shapes a good artist in this style could easily incorporate what is already there into a design that would work I the style the op wants to go with.
  8. See, I respectfully disagree. Again, I’m not an artist but those tats are small and not heavily colored and dark. A good coverup doesn’t necessarily have to actually “cover” it. It may incorporate what is already there and make it part of the new piece. I’m not seeing anything there that a good artist can’t work wonders with.
  9. I’m not a tattoo artist but based on pictures etc that I’ve seen I would think that what you’re looking to do is definitely possible. You should research artists in your area that specialize in cover ups and go in for a face to face to get a definitive answer.
  10. Hi! I’m psychic. The answer to your question is: “Your tattoo needs 4-6 weeks to heal. “ J/k But the vast majority of first time posters ask: “I had a tattoo done a week ago. Why does my tattoo look like.... Is something wrong with it?”
  11. Nothing wrong with that imo. Just needs more healing time.
  12. I’m looking forward to see how your art turns out as well. You have some very creative ideas.
  13. Thanks! You and me both! Still has a way to go.
  14. Ok...here’s a few crappy bathroom mirror pics. Lol The Led Zep Swan song tat was from when I was about 25. He said he can incorporate it into this current tattoo. It will be interesting to see how he does it.
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