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  1. Being tattooed with lego sounds rather painful...
  2. Much better I think - the first birdcage looked pretty bad to my inexpert eyes...
  3. The coverup was done by the same artist?!
  4. To my untrained eye, they already look close enough together to me, and it would seem to risk turning into a blur with the addition of more "stuff"...
  5. That's cool! (I am an astronomer which is why I asked...)
  6. From a quick google, it seems "AK" may fit into that category.
  8. If you do want to continue this theme, how about something that is similar, but doesn't attempt to be an exact duplicate?
  9. Antioxidants may well be bad for you - particularly if you're a smoker!
  10. PinkUnicorn

    Am I botched?

    The advantage is that, if you ever get fed up with "still I rise", you can just tell people it says something completely different, and they may well believe you! 😲