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  1. Not liking my new Tattoo, panic attacks

    When they're teenagers, they'll be embarrassed of you no matter what for a few years! :) (Even with that cool tattoo you have.)
  2. Need tatoo advice

    I kind of like the asymmetry...
  3. terrible tattoos

    From their web page: I guess "non-traditional" would be one way to describe it!
  4. Lilac tattoo. Not what I expected

    I don't think you need to post (essentially) the same thing in two threads...
  5. Well, I'm neither a (medical) doctor, nor a tattoo artist, but I did have a small skin biopsy a couple of years ago, and the instructions for care afterwards did include applying e.g. aquaphor 24 hours after to reduce the chance of scarring.... (FWIW....)
  6. Baltimore folks - help me decide!

    I had a modest size tattoo done by Charlie Foos, and he was fine. However, I've not used either of the other folks above, so I didn't vote...
  7. It might depend on what somebody else (e.g. significant other) thinks it is that you want to "break free" from...?
  8. Transfer paper to preview tattoo before starting.

    For my two modest size tattoos I got custom temporary tattoos made and experimented with size and placement before going for the real thing. As a somewhat OCD person, I found this very useful for me. I used, but there are probably lots of other places.
  9. I'm so fucking stupid 4 real

    I think it looks like a pentagram, because it is a pentagram...
  10. Does this tattoo look like a penis

    Maybe we need a photo of the OP's penis - so we can do a side-by-side comparison, just in case...?
  11. How much do you think this will cost?

    Well, I do need to have working turn signals in my car, so I'd have to go with the Kia I think...
  12. Saying hi and looking for advice

    There are lots of places in the Baltimore/DC area. The two I've been to are Reed St. (B'more) and Tattoo Paradise.
  13. What do you think about this tattoo ?

    Well, you did write "this tattoo" rather than "these tattoos"...
  14. Annecy, or Paris tattoo places?

    I'm about to head off to France for just over two weeks. It's going to be my birthday, and my significant other suggested as a present paying for me to get a tattoo out there! I'm going to be mainly in Annecy for about 1 week, then Paris for about a week. I guess Annecy is more of a long shot to find a good place, although I'll have more free/flexible time there. Does anybody happen to have any particular suggestions for either place? (And my plan is to get something loosely "Tintin" based, which may be a bit of a cliché I suppose.) My French is very limited, but my SO is French. Thanks!
  15. Bullet casing burn on new tattoo

    Maybe just leave it to add more character??