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  1. Well, even as a boy I'd never dream of changing from the woman who has been cutting my hair for the last ~20 years (wow!) in the same salon. Although she is about to fully retire, so I will have to find somebody else in a few months...
  4. You have an animated eagle - that's cool!
  5. Well, FWIW, from googling...
  6. FWIW, to me the shoulder and the ankle (to a slightly lesser extent) don't contrast enough with your skin tone...
  7. Any particular motivation for the (stylistically different) surrounding material?
  8. I really suspect that the most important thing for such minor skin damage as a tattoo is just to keep it clean... (although I couldn't find too many medical references either way, but when I had a skin biopsy I wasn't instructed to use anti-microbial soap)
  9. FWIW, I think the design has too much detail to count as "minimalist". But don't worry that the stars don't look the same, there are many different types of stars! (And I'm writing this at a meeting of the International Astronomical Union in Vienna...)
  10. I think it's positioned correctly... And also, symmetry is overrated. When I was in Spain earlier this year, I saw many people with e.g. one arm full of tattoos and very little on the other arm, and it looked pretty good. (Although, admittedly, it did start to look almost cliched as so many people had that style.)
  11. I think symmetry is often overrated! For what it is, it looks fine to me.
  12. What do you think is weird? And when you say "right side", are the pictures the correct way round? (i.e. not taken in a mirror)