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  1. SStu, and scott thanks! And yes i completely agree that less is more. City names is a good idea.
  2. Long story short - I have been sailing a lot, and finally decided to have a tattoo done. 🙂 The boat is family owned, with the name "Clearwater" on the side. This was done first and the map was added afterwards. I love how the boat turned out, but I am a bit worried that the map (in the background) looks "unfinished" and unfortunately both me and my local tattoist ss totally lost on how to make it better. The ocean shading was done yesterday. That is why it stands out a bit. I have thought of adding the country names on to try and "complete it" but this also makes the piece a bit messy in my opinion. Do you guys have any ideas? Everything is appreciated.
  3. Hi guys, I am from Denmark, and i need advice on how to finish my tattoo on my upper arm. Best Jacob