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  1. This has happened to me. Is it REALLY itchy? I had bumps that looked just like that and it was super super itchy. It resolved itself though, no problems since. Whats weird though, is that mine showed up like 2-3 weeks after the session. I just kept washing it and doing the normal routine.
  2. I'll share mine! Finished up my sleeve a few months ago
  3. I probably wouldn't use that one because it has Fragrance in it. I use Lubriderm non-scented lotion and it's always been great.
  4. It's been 5 weeks since this session and I want to post an update pic from today. As you can see, it's still really red but it doesn't hurt or anything. It's also smooth and not raised at all. But it looks weird. It will be SUPER red sometimes and just mild red other times. You can also see my pores for some reason? It looks like scar tissue, but I'm not sure. Also some weird crease looking lines. Do you think this is permanent or just wait and see?
  5. Nah, not really. I just love anything and everything space. Always have, since as long as I can remember haha.
  6. Just finished this up a couple days ago. One more session to go! I'll post more pics and the full arm once it's finished in a couple months. But hopefully this one heals up a bit better than my last session. 🙂
  7. Thanks for the replies. Easing my mind a bit
  8. Last week artist said to use some Bactine because it was super red and swollen. I only used it a couple times. Few days later he said to start using aquaphor on it. Couple days ago he said to use less ointment. So Ive been pretty much just dry healing since 2 days ago. It's not infected, as far as I know. Doesn't really hurt and isn't hot or anything. I think it's just severely scabbed. I'm mostly worried about heavy scaring to the point where it would be very difficult to touch up. Is that possible? I went to a local shop near me for advice because I went out of state for the tattoo and can't physically go in the shop. I've been texting the artist though. But I wanted someone to see it in person, so thats the main reason why I went to a different shop for an opinion.
  9. Hello! Got some work done on my sleeve 10 days ago and am experiencing heavy scabbing, especially on my forearm. I went to a shop nearby to ask their opinion and they said I need to start saving my skin and not worry about saving the tattoo and recommended neosporin. Heres a pic the day it was done and another pic from yesterday. What should I be doing? My artists said ts obviously going to need to be gone over again, but I'm freaking out over scaring. I've been washing it 3 times a day and applying very little lubriderm nonscented lotion. Pretty much letting it dry heal for the most part. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Kudos!! That's awesome you knew what it was :) Does the Voyager have a direct special meaning to me? No, not really. But the concept does. It's essentially an earth/human species time capsule shot out into space. A never ending search for something other than our planet (unless it gets taken out by space debris). It's somewhat of symbol for hope. No matter how much we get stressed out or think our lives are going to shit, hard times, etc., it is nothing compared to the vastness of the universe. To me, there is something really calming about that. All of our personal and world "issues" are not really issues on the grand scheme of things. The Voyager symbolizes that for me. Searching for something greater than ourselves. Also, the light beams under the Voyager are in the exact pattern as the sun pulsar map on the golden record, which I think was a nice touch :) The idea of Saturn has to do with "Saturn Return" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturn_return. I'm 29 years old, so I think it was pretty fitting.
  11. Just finished up my half sleeve last week. Took 3 sessions, about 12-15 hours total. What do you think? And yes, I chose black and gray for a specific reason, which is why there is no color. :)
  12. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it! I'll keep an eye on it.
  13. Hello! First time on this forum! I recently got my first tattoo exactly 3 weeks ago today and I have a question on the healing process. Everything was fine for the first 2 1/2 weeks, but a few days ago, it started to get red on certain parts. it's weird though, because its only red on the parts of the tattoo with very minimal ink. There's solid black on the back side of my arm that healed perfectly. No issues at all. But as you can see, some parts are definitely red and you can hardly see the ink. Does anyone have any opinions on it? Any input is appreciated. edit: the last picture was taken the day it was done, for reference. Thanks!
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