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  1. I know. My partner hates tattoos so... But I want to know what's it technically so I can learn when could that happen.
  2. I think it looks cool! Don't overthink it. We tend to get regret feelings after a tattoo sometimes because it's going to stay there forever and that is VERY scary. Just don't worry and remember why you decided to get it😄
  3. Hello! I'm Luz, I'm 28 and I'm from Spain. I've known this forum for a long time and I've been reading your posts. I am a big fan of tattoos (I have several on myself) and I am currently looking forward to get an apprenticeship here in Barcelona (I am still trying to build a strong portfolio). I studied Fine Arts and I lived in Japan for almost a year. I've been there six times already! I hope this makes as a presentation for now, hehe. If I may ask for your wisdom😗... My tattooer didn't know what to answer me. 10 days ago I got a Back to the Future tattoo and everything has been fine unt
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