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  1. I know. My partner hates tattoos so... But I want to know what's it technically so I can learn when could that happen.
  2. I think it looks cool! Don't overthink it. We tend to get regret feelings after a tattoo sometimes because it's going to stay there forever and that is VERY scary. Just don't worry and remember why you decided to get it😄
  3. Hello! I'm Luz, I'm 28 and I'm from Spain. I've known this forum for a long time and I've been reading your posts. I am a big fan of tattoos (I have several on myself) and I am currently looking forward to get an apprenticeship here in Barcelona (I am still trying to build a strong portfolio). I studied Fine Arts and I lived in Japan for almost a year. I've been there six times already! I hope this makes as a presentation for now, hehe. If I may ask for your wisdom😗... My tattooer didn't know what to answer me. 10 days ago I got a Back to the Future tattoo and everything has been fine until the thick scabs fell off. I mean, the tattoo looks very good, but if you look closer you can see what's concerning me. It is like some black ink moved into the color part, making tiny black dots... some sort of spray effect? When it was fresh that wasnt definitely there. I attach two pics here, one of the fresh tattoo and another one of the thing I am saying, inside the arrow. Let me know your guesses about why has this happened. I am just curious about why does this happen, if its a blowout etc. Tattoo was made in Little Rock Tattoo, Mataró city, by @lop_tattoo on instagram. Thank you so much!
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