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  1. It's actually starting to look nicer now that it's not so scabby and peeling! I was really stressing out there for a moment haha. Definitely because it's my first tattoo.
  2. Awesome! It's nice to hear that from other people. Puts my mind to ease. I just want it finished, kind of annoying having a half finished tattoo on yourself.
  3. I just have to keep reminding myself it's unfinished and it's supposed to look bad before it looks good haha. My brain has a hard time wrapping itself around that, and it's in such a noticeable place that I'm always catching it with my eyes. Definitely something to get used to.
  4. Thanks for the reply. How do you think it looks from an outsider point of view? I felt as if the rose had maybe too much shading, but it could end up nice with highlights and once it's all finished. I'm just very particular and a perfectionist. Having that much black is kind of like WOW and I'm not really used to it haha. Was expecting something more subtle.
  5. Hi! So before I begin, the idea behind my tattoo is probably one that would be laughed at because it's "cliche" or something a lot of people get. But I liked the look of it, and that's what matters most. So now that's out of the way, I just wanted to ask a few questions.. Is it normal for a tattoo to look horrible while it's healing? When I got home the first night and took off the wrap it actually looked good, even though it's unfinished and needs lots more work done. But days later now that it's scabbing/peeling, it looks really bad, and the shading on the rose almost looks to be way too much. I've seen a lot of roses and most are not this dark, but maybe I'm just over analyzing it? Give me your honest opinions. The artist does great work, I checked his portfolio before picking him so maybe it's because it isn't fully done? It's still missing a second rose above the triangle as well. Also, is it normal to feel anxiety/depression over it? I can't help but constantly looking at my arm and feeling like I made a mistake, even though I knew I wanted this tattoo for months. It just doesn't look like it's going to turn out the way I'd hoped. Again, maybe because it's healing and it's apart of the process? Not blaming the artist at all, I know he does great work. He actually did a tattoo similar to mine that turned out great, I'm just new to all of this and it's a big piece and half of my forearm lol. Anyways, I'll post two photos. One being the night I got home, and one being from today so you can see the difference. EDIT: Added two more photos up close. One from before the peeling and one from right now.