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  1. JessicaRae

    Bumps on black ink

    @Sol James I’ve also had ink raise before but now it’s over 1 month and bumps... it is mostly on line work and a couple within the shading on my right foot. They are still sore when I bump them and have been a little itchy again. I think being postpartum could be a reason my body is reacting to the ink or tattoos in general. Hormones all over the place... perhaps my body is attacking the ink and it’ll take time for it to realize its not a threat. I’ll be sure to post updates, I know it’s a curious topic 😞
  2. JessicaRae

    Bumps on black ink

    @bbontheb I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist after that just to make sure. Doctors thought I may have sarcoidosis years ago but ruled it out... however the symptoms have arised again and this one.... Hopefully it’s just some strange delayed reaction 😭
  3. JessicaRae

    Bumps on black ink

    @Gingerninja yes ma’am. Everything exactly the same. 😩😭
  4. JessicaRae

    Bumps on black ink

    I asked my doctor about sarcoidosis and he said no 😕 but I thought that as well...
  5. JessicaRae

    Bumps on black ink

    No moisturizer since.
  6. JessicaRae

    Bumps on black ink

    Really crazy, huh? Nope, nothing like that. I wondered about the anesthesia because I had an emergency c section as I wasn’t dilating, but doctor confirmed that wouldn’t have taken so long. Just sooooo incredibly strange considering none of these are new and I have other tattoos all over that aren’t suffering. Dynamic Ink was the ink used and the artist had a heavy hand, can’t help but wonder if in these spots, perhaps the ink went a little further and/or I’m just now reacting to this ink? Or?! I have no idea. They actually have itched a little today. More recently, especially on my finger tattoos, it almost feels like the ink is going to burst out of my skin. I’m a science project 🤷🏼‍♀️
  7. JessicaRae

    Bumps on black ink

    Not overdoing moisturizing to my knowledge. It happened suddenly and got worse then maintained intensity. The only change is weather recently but he didn't seem to think this was the cause. I was thinking perhaps it was from a pedicure then i realized it was also on my thigh, arm, and fingers... Trying to patiently wait for the swelling/bumps to go down like my doctor suggested but it's easier said than done as I'm a bit of a worrier. My doctor did not mention biopsy. You said you dealt with a similar issue? What was the verdict, if any?
  8. JessicaRae

    Bumps on black ink

    Sudden bumps/swollen areas on black ink within 8 separate tattoos (1.5-4 years old) for approx 3 weeks now. They hurt sometimes, don’t really itch and are sometimes sore to the touch. My doctor thinks it’s a delayed reaction to the ink or hypertrophic scarring that’s showing and will go down... Its very alarming to see these bumps all over my tattoos! The tattoos are located on my feet, fingers, arm and thigh. They’re not ingrown hairs, razor burn, pimples etc. No change in general medication. I am 10 weeks postpartum and my doctor suggested maybe it’s hormonal but... I just don’t think that’s it. Benedryl topically or orally doesn't seem to help either. Wondering if anyone has any insight or previous experience?
  9. JessicaRae

    Hello I'm new here and I need help

    Did you find out what the cause of these were? Or what they were? I’m dealing with the same thing by the looks of it. My doctor suggested it was a delayed allergy to the ink or hypertrophic scarring that’s popped up and will relax again soon...
  10. JessicaRae

    little bumps under 6month old tattoo

    I know the original post is 7 years old, but I’m having a similar issue. My doctor thinks it’s a delayed reaction to the ink or hypertrophic scarring that’s showing and will go down... Its very alarming to see these bumps all over my tattoos! They only show in the line work within 5 of my black tattoos (feet, fingers, arm and thigh tattoos which are 1-4 years old). Not ingrown hairs, not razor burn. Not painful but a little sore to the touch and maybe it’s in my head but they seem to be getting a little worse... going on approx 2 weeks now. Benedryl does nothing... wondering if anyone has any insight?