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  1. I'm thinking of booking an appointment with her for a floral piece on my bicep. What do you think of her work?
  2. I think the issue is that it's too 2 dimensional so you can't see the difference in planes between the key and the foilage. I think shading would fix that
  3. I just scheduled an appointment with an artist in nyc. i'm planning on getting two tattoos, one of them is a tattoo on the top of my foot. similar size/placement: i already posted a question about how tattoos in this location stand the test of time (didn't get any feel free to chime in about that). now, i know foot tattoos are painful AF to get...but i'm wondering how painful they are in the hours following the tattoo. i don't live in nyc. we're taking a trip there and the appointment is mid-day. so after the appt, i'd like to be able to walk around the city some more. is my foot going to be really sore though? what was your experience?
  4. Like I said I probably won't...I was just curious
  5. So I just had the idea of getting the phases of the moon tattooed onto my fingers in white ink. White ink because I don't want obvious tattoos on my hands. The chances of me actually getting this are slim...but it got me wondering....would the white ink tattoos end up looking like scars on my fingers? i have very pale skin.
  6. How well do these hold up? I want to get something that is the same size and placement as this one:
  7. I'm planning on getting a large side rib cage tattoo soon. what im most worried about is the healing process because if I wear a bra, the band will constantly be rubbing against it. but I can't get away with going braless since I have a large chest and I don't think it would be appropriate for me to go to work like that. Maybe there are some women on here who know of solutions. I was thinking I could get some of that boob tape people wear with evening dresses...not sure if that will be effective or not. Or is there a way to wear a bra and keep my tattoo protected?
  8. yep. it's not worth the free touch-up. just pay a better artist to fix it. they also might be able to give some suggestions on how to make it look better.
  9. Since there's a chance this could've been caused by the artist, no I wouldn't go to him/her.
  10. I'm not sure what the cause is. It could be that the artist didn't send the ink far down enough? It could be that the healing process was interrupted. In any case, it'd be very easy to touch up. Although I'd probably go to a different artist.
  11. I am not going to this artist...i think she's in europe. she just happens to have done two tattoos that match what i want. i'm now thinking that instead of a gradient line, i could get a brush stroke with colors fading from one to another. you're probably right about the lines never being straight. plus i like doing arts and crafts. it would have a dry brush look like these ones:
  12. i've posted about my next tattoo a few times but i'm still undecided. i'm getting corresponding tattoos on my achille's heels. i could go for a color spectrum like the one below, except maybe 1/3-1/2 of that length. i'm actually thinking i'll bring in a landscape photos and just have the colors represented in the order they appear [that probably makes zero sense...but it's basically an abstract piece] or...i could do a leaf on each heel...i like the two toned look of the one below. anyway, which tattoo design do you think i should go for? im not sure why everything looks crossed out.
  13. i'm more concerned with finding someone who is skilled in this...i want to find someone who knows how to do color in a way that it stands out and stays put.
  14. I want to get an vibrant, abstract color tattoo on my be more specific, a gradient strip of color (i really like the way these colors flow together but this is probably closer to this in shape/size i'm hoping for i'd also like to use brighter colors than the blacks and blues above, but this was to give an idea of the general outline. can you please recommend an artist who can create really vibrant color tattoos? besides Amanda Wachob who is forever unavailable. the artist needs to be based in the USA and preferably on the east coast. you're welcome to provide your own thoughts on such tattoo, but i'm not really looking for criticism here.