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  1. Awesome sauce, welcome!!!! You know way more about art than 97% of this forum guaranteed including myself!!!
  2. How about a combination of blue and black?
  3. You can post in the other forums; you just can't start new threads until you've made your 10-15 meaningful post count. Welcome!
  4. That's a nice tattoo. Please let it dry. If it continues to bother you, doctor.
  5. That's a pretty V.
  6. Yes you can show him a photo of what he did before. He'll probably do up something similar but different though.
  7. There are waiting lists for Teslas. Do people just walk while they wait? They have a need for a car, I'm thinking, but choose to wait for a Tesla. THAT SAID: You want to be on a waiting list for a Tesla or a Kia? Your choice! **There are tattoo artists "worth" being on waiting lists for, i.e., Teslas. Those Tesla artists even have very short (KIA) waiting lists and awesome (Tesla) customer service with outstanding tattoos! **Some artists are Porsches (expensive, high maintenance, and questionable worth) and have the KIA attitudes and waiting lists to match. You'll have a Porsche tattoo, but you'll decide if it's worth it. **Should you put yourself on a Tesla waiting list for a Porsche tattoo and a Kia artist? Never!!!!
  8. A handbag designed after famous actress Jane Birkin. Released in small increments annually and customers are put on waitlists.
  9. Looks like that one thing from Dark Crystal.
  10. *Outta the way!* I'll be the judge of this! *Peers closely* No. But what is it?
  11. Definitely make good decisions! If not, you'll end up posting a new topic in this sub-forum, or what I've come to refer to as "Tattoo Divorce": *yikes* https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/f/10-tattoo-removal-or-coverup/
  12. Answer is "it depends". A long waitlist doesn't necessarily mean that the artist is super-best. They could just be scheduling one client a day or some weird thing like that. My artist is awesome and I was surprised at the customer service provided and just pleasant demeanor compared to A LOT of others. If I remember correctly, you're from the B-more area, looking for an arrow/vine tattoo right? So it looks like that artist will give you what you want, but I'm *absolutely certain* you can find someone to do something just as good and maybe even better in less than a year. If, say your personal or professional schedule didn't support then, fine. But, meh. Get what you want without a list. This isn't a Birkin Bag.
  13. I just used this in the search element, but check out the forums, lots of information, albeit some a couple of years old. https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/search/?&q=thigh+tattoos&type=forums_topic&page=2&search_in=titles&sortby=relevancy
  14. Hello and welcome! Check out these threads:
  15. Hey there and welcome!