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    Hello - Looking for Advice!

    Thanks! That's all really helpful. I am fairly new to tattooing and I do tend to overthink things. I did not know rabbits can turn their ears 270 degrees! That is a nice perspective on it. Sometimes I find the world of tattoing can be intimidating. I love the art and it's such a beautiful form of expression, but being new to it can be confusing. Again thanks! You all seem really supportive and that's nice to experience :)
  2. EastCoastHobbit

    Hello - Looking for Advice!

    Hello! Happy to be here :) I recently got a tattoo at a convention of a rabbit. In general, I really like the tattoo. It looks like an illustration from a children's book. However, what I did not notice when I got the tattoo is that the rabbit's left ear is facing the wrong direction. I'm so choked about this, because otherwise I really like it. Is this something I am overthinking and should not worry about? Or is it something that maybe could be fixed? Thanks all :)