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  1. piccalilli

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Holy shit, @Oiocha, that is a serious Monmon cat piece! I would say it was worth the wait, it will look amazing!
  2. piccalilli

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Yeah... "accidentally munewari soshinbori" may end up being my future. If only I could do that without the pain.
  3. piccalilli

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Would it surprise you if I said I have pondered that, @scottyg?
  4. piccalilli

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Thank you!
  5. piccalilli

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    So, I recall being asked if I was going to do the other side after I posted my left side's tattoo here some months ago... yes, yes yes, fine, you win; you were right. I couldn't leave it unbalanced. Discussed it with Horifuji after my last appointment for the left side and I asked him what he would suggest. He suggested Sojobo on the right shoulder to keep the theme consistent. The karasu tengu on the left shoulder would need to be supervised, anyway. Horifuji at State of Grace in San Jose USA. Outline and details machine, almost all colour tebori. Great shop, great people, great experience, great artist. Links to his Instagram posts as the photos are much clearer than what I can do. And both sides from the front...
  6. piccalilli

    Red ink healing question

    I have found my body is not a fan of a certain bright yellow (by Solid Ink). Almost everything else on my half sleeve and hikae (afaik all with Solid Ink pigment) are quite healed and flush but the small areas done with this specific ink by machine are still a bit raised and bumpy. They also had more scabs and peeling. We will be using a different slightly richer shade of yellow for accents on my right side after discussing it as my body had no trouble with it. Must be a slight allergy. No trouble with red, the left shoulder healed perfectly well and I also had a significant amount of the same red on my right shoulder done a week ago, no trouble at all.
  7. piccalilli

    Good japanese reference books

    Oh yes, I forgot - I have this one too, it is excellent. Good call, @thewitchhunter !
  8. piccalilli

    Good japanese reference books

    * This one is pretty decent as an overview (and it is readily available i.e. affordable!) Japanese Tattoos: History * Culture * Design * This one is a bit older but good (written by Taki aka Horitaka aka Ryudaibori, owner of State of Grace in San Jose) Bushido Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo * Another one by Taki that is good (sounds close to what you're after) Tattoos of the Floating World: Ukiyo-e Motifs in the Japanese Tattoo * This one (by Horitomo of the Monmon Cats) is good if you're particularly interested in Fudo Myo-o (has some more general reference material on irezumi/monmon/wabori/etc). A lot of it is sketches that he had made from original art as well as historical detail on the iconography. Geared towards artists but I still found it interesting/educational. Immovable: Fudo Myo-O Tattoo Design by Horitomo In the end though, if you have a good artist who is knowledgeable, they can guide you in the right direction. I know that I could trust the person I worked with to get everything "right" and he also was able to explain to me what decisions he made that were "breaking" the rules (and why). P.s. two more online resources that I personally like: Irebokuro (hasn't been updated in donkey's years but what is there I found very educational) BUDDHISM & SHINTŌISM IN JAPAN A-TO-Z PHOTO DICTIONARY OF JAPANESE RELIGIOUS SCULPTURE & ART (self-explanatory - a beast of a reference resource) P.p.s. I am not an expert, I am just very interested in the subject...
  9. @scottyg hit the proverbial nail - "wonderfully bizarre" is a great description. Quite a piece (in a good way). I cannot even fathom 130 hours ... although my only tattoo had taken about 35 - come to think of it, maybe it isn't that much so hang in there! You have a tremendous amount of work put in it and the results are spectacular. I would think that 130 hours in you are quite a bit closer to the finish line. If nothing else, you can look forward to showing it off to us here when done
  10. piccalilli

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @IX XV LXXXVIII that is lovely. I remember seeing it on (I think) the shop's Instagram. I love the tattoo on her back!
  11. piccalilli

    Tegaderm/Saniderm/Tatuderm healing process

    I would be more concerned if it wouldn't stick to be honest. After my penultimate session I applied the stuff and it was the first time I had extensive machine shading AND a leak while using 'derm. A ludicrous amount of liquid matter was seeping out of my chest, shoulder and arm and it started escaping from the edges. So my opinion is, make sure it sticks and it is sealed. I used Tatuderm and they don't mention using a moisturiser before the second application so who knows... On the other hand, if the Saniderm manufacturer says you should moisturise it, though go ahead. They know their product better than some random bloke on the internet (me).
  12. piccalilli

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Thank you! I just saw your post. That backpiece you have in progress is quite something! Takashi's work is so powerful, I follow him on IG and marvel at the work he does.
  13. piccalilli

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    We're done! The previous two day session didnt' go as well as the few before it had, I ended up having a pretty bad case of hitting the wall hard enough to lump my noggin. So I was concerned about the final session... but I did much better during those 5 or so hours a few days ago and here we are! Total I think ~35 hours, maybe deduct one or two total for breaks etc. That tengu has the exasperated smarmy expression I would expect it to have having had a teenage Yoshitsune (nee Ushiwakamaru) thwack it with a wooden sword. Horifuji's instagram has some clearer pictures from before we applied the film on it (as you can tell it was a bit ticked off and seepy by that point). (by Horifuji @ State of Grace, San Jose , CA, USA) Feels a bit weird plopping this on teh intertoobz but I am so pleased with my experience* that I wanted give him and the whole shop a shout-out. *minus the hurty being- poked-with-needles part.
  14. piccalilli

    Lurker now posting, first tattoo, tebori half-sleeve

    Thank you everyone, although all I really did was (try to) sit there while he did his work . Err... yes, I did realise that I really should after he started on it. Just for symmetry, naturally, hah... I am planning on talking to him about ideas for the right side next time I am there. Hmm. I think I can now say that I see the whole "it can be addictive" thing.
  15. Hello everyone! Decided to come out of lurking, partially because I am really surprised that I have not seen any references to Horifuji at State of Grace in San Jose here. He is a thoroughly lovely person and feel fortunate to have his work on me. Imho he should get even more exposure (even if that may mean it will be progressively even harder to get more appointments with him, heh). Anyway, it felt like the right time for me to finally get some work. I wanted something rather more on the traditional vein (whatever that means, exactly) and the craftsmanship of tebori really appealed to me (even if it won't necessarily look that different). I called State of Grace as I saw in the intertoobz that they had artists there that did tebori and I was referred to Horifuji. I asked him via email for a half-sleeve with chest panel with a karasu tengu - like the ones seen on woodblock prints sparring with Ushiwakamaru (later known as the general Yoshitsune) on Mount Kurama. So, a few days before my first appointment 3-4 months later, he sent me a concept drawing of what he felt would be best and I was floored. He recommended actually including Ushiwakamaru on the chest panel (hikae?), having just swung his bokuto (wooden practice blade) at a quite smartly dressed karasu tengu on the arm that is slipping off a rock ledge by the water, with autumn Japanese maple leaves falling around. The outline was done by machine in one session (photo of outline on Horifuji's Instagram here). Shading and the vast majority of the all colour done by tebori. Closer photo after starting on the colour here. A few small "flat" monochrome areas were done by machine shading, e.g. the brown on the bokuto that the tengu and Ushiwakamaru are holding. I deferred all decisions on colour and exact placement to him as he is the professional and I trust him completely . Will have my final appointment in a month or so. As I have to fly to San Jose for my appointments I have done six sessions, each between 4.5 and 5.5 hours two consecutive days at a time to save on my airline miles. So something around 30 hours, so far? Since this photo I have attached to his post was taken, I have had more work done. Only have a couple momiji to colour in and the eyes are left. I'll try to take a more current photo to place in a more appropriate thread on the forum. Sorry for the lengthy, possibly rather gushing, first post.