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  1. Marcus Kuhn's "The Gypsy Gentleman" is returning with a new episode.
  2. I applaud the initiative, @Dan! Here's a little filler rose I got from Tim Hendricks at last years London Convention.
  3. Hey all, Due to the steep decrease in TotM submissions these last months we've decided to put the contest on hiatus for the time being. It might come back at some point, but as for now we're taking a break. Thanks to everyone who's submitted, commented and voted! Sincerely LST mods
  4. Polls are now closed! The winner of Tattoo of the month May 2017 is @cfmartin67 with this super cool spider tattoo by the legendary Mr. Bob Roberts. Congrats!
  5. SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! Go to the polling thread to submit your vote.
  6. This story gave me the biggest smile! You guys are awesome [MENTION=194]hogg[/MENTION] [MENTION=5385]cltattooing[/MENTION]
  7. Eilin

    Grattis med 'moderator'-tittel ;) Flinking!

  8. Hey, did you get my PM? - not sure if you have seen that I sent you one. I only just realized I had a PM in my inbox :)

  9. Awesome tattoos by the way! Kinda funny that both of us got tattooed by Bailey and at Smith Street with only a few days apart.
  10. These were amazing [MENTION=855]jade1955[/MENTION] Thanks so much for sharing!!
  11. Iwar


    Feit!!! Planer om å gjeste i Oslo i nær fremtid?
  12. Thanks man! yeah dumb and dumber totally rules, and shaun was the perfect candidate to perfect this tattoo.

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