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  1. I'm currently in Phuket, Thailand and am looking for a reputable shop/artist. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Hey guys, Im heading over for a kinda long-ish trip in Tel Aviv, Israel. Anyone know a good shop to stop in?
  3. I'll have to remember when I'm not at work. Honestly I think any good artists will be able to do it.I personally like it just as accents.
  4. I will say my desire for larger tattoos is waning as of recently...but I am in love with getting 1 shots now! Literally sitting at a client now determining if I could sneak off early and get something by Perfetto. EDIT: Damn he is closed today...tomorrow though!
  5. I am biased as I go to Invisible NYC for pretty much all my tattoos (Regino), but I've been tattooed at and would recommend Saved Tattoo and NY Adorned as well. You really can't go wrong with any of those shops! There are also a ton of other fantastic shops in NYC and NJ.
  6. I have white designs that were put into my colored tattoos. A year or so later, no signs of going away.
  7. Man you quoted one of my first posts here! (Just to follow up, I took the advice of everyone here and got tattooed a ton!)
  8. One word, insanity. 4 days of non-stop amazing metal blasting your face. Partying until 4am-or-whateverthefuck Awesome crowd (actually somehow I hung out with almost exclusively Canadians) Taake KILLED IT! So much sunburnt So much hangover So much awesome. I'll be back again next year. Everyone brought their A-game, and killed it. Really solid!
  9. I still consider this to be the best metal song ever.
  10. Laziness is dictating I will post up some instagram shots. Maybe I'll get a full "squid pic" later. Hanya - Stewart Robson Dragon/Raijin - Regino Gonzales Dante's Inferno - Paul ?? Devil - Matt Van Cura
  11. @gougetheeyes I will have to grab a camera to snag some pics. It is pretty damn hard to actually take a picture of your own legs
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