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    Tattoo Apprentice at Altered Image Tattoo in Indianapolis.
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  1. Sketch has been here for a couple of years now. I got on the same time as artist Crystal Brainered, also around the time, Chad Fearnow went full time. Beyond that we've got Junior and Sean Holmes, who have been working here since the shop opened up. I think that's the first time anyone has ever mentioned me in the same sentence as Sketch btw, he's a killer, and I'm a shit for brains apprentice... For now.
  2. Based on the pictures you posted, I don't think many people would refer to that style as "neo-traditional". Neo-traditional stays pretty close to it's traditional roots, but with a wider color palate, and wide open subject matter. Personally I'd refer to the style you like as color realism really. Perhaps a little more illustrative, but realism none the less. I can't help you with any artist recommendations, but I think you'd be unsatisfied with a "neo-traditional" artist.
  3. Lots of great tattooers in the Columbus area, such as Billy Hill already mentioned. Really though, in Columbus you could find at least 5-10 world class tattoo artists within an hour drive. I'd just get it finished and then added onto. Coverups never look as good as a tattoo that isn't constricted to the confines of a tattoo being covered up. Lots of tattoo artists have skeletons, just because they tattooed you doesn't mean they have to have any connection to you other than the tattoo they did.
  4. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matt Riemenschneider and I'm currently residing in Indianapolis, Indiana. Been a collector of tattoos for the past 14 years, and started apprenticing about a year ago now at the old age of 31. I've been tattooed by: Harlan Thompson of Chicago (Deluxe and Pioneer Tattoo) Junior Purvis of Indianapolis (also my mentor) Paul Timmon of "The" Sunset Strip tattoo in Hollywood, Ca. Jerry Frost in Indiana Big Meas! Billy Hill of Envy in Columbus Ohio Jason Fritz in Indianapolis at New Breed Tattoo. I really credit Jason for exposing me to the traditional side of tattoo culture. And a couple of other jokers who shall remain nameless; I was young and stupid. I'm a big fan of a lot of California tattooers like Ed Hardy, Freddy Corbin, Grime, Greg James, Mike Giant, Bob Roberts, Jack Rudy, Tim Hendricks and yes, Dan Higgs. Through searching out those guys work I stumbled upon Last Sparrow Tattoo here. I'm a fan of traditional (or as some would say "neo" traditional, but I think it's all just a continuation), American style Japanese stuff like Hardys, realistic Black and Grey, graffiti, and skate influenced tattoos. I feel like my tastes are pretty much the status quo around here so I think I should fit it pretty well. If you wanna ask me anything just hit me up!