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  1. Finished it up in Detroit few weeks ago. 3 days total. 15 hours hip to knee. Matt is a good artist a lot to learn but solid I recommend him. image hosting
  2. So I had two half days with mr.lambdin. Really chill dude with crazy creative Vision and talent.he drew Up exactally what I wanted without me really saying anything to him. Got 2 more days to finish in a few months adult image upload [/url] imageupload adult photo sharing
  3. I'm the opposite I sweat like a pig lol. Thanks Mann !
  4. This is true. I want to start doing half days as I hate being stressed out abiut the pain of A full day but most artist I go to are pretty far so I need to get as much as possible. I have two days in a row coming next month on the thigh :(. Erin uses extremely small needles I think that played a big role im the pain.
  5. So I started my Erin chance piece today.i ended up tapping after 5 hours, the inner thigh is no joke. I've sat for a few 10 hour sessions and 3 8 hour days I'm a row and I couldn't handle 5 hours on the inner thigh. I actually wanted to tap after the second hour. Pretty mad at myself but I don't want to torture myself. Got a half day booked in May to finish it. What Ya think? Anyone had inner thigh done ? Is it the worst part on the body? image hosting
  6. yeah that's what I thought too, I feel like I just got lucky as he does not take new clients too regularly since he only takes full backs or legs and sleeves ive also heard hes a really cool dude, should make the process easier! how did the backs look in person? ive never seen anything in person,, thank you!
  7. - - - Updated - - - Full leg fox and hare or fox and crane japanese influenced. !
  8. Somehow managed to get Gogue to do my leg sleeve. Start feb 2016 2nd and 3rd full days.
  9. silly, the child is going to be so embarrassed when she hits her teen years, awkward
  10. full day with erin chance march 26th than back to back days may 1 and 2nd with matt lambdin, both working on my thigh to complete my leg sleeve
  11. the back you said won all the trophies, his name is ken, its a collab between Jason Stephen and jesse smith, brilliant back piece
  12. Baltimore is cool, really spread open and pretty big, a lot of average tattoers, some great ones though
  13. pretty good, best part of the tattoo is the finger waves
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