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    first tattoo was in my late 30s...but i'm hooked in now
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    central jersey, usa
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    running, cycling, skateboarding, SUP, and pretty much anything that gets you sweating
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    social worker

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  1. blowout? not a blowout? doesnt matter what you call it - your healed tattoo is what it is - I would leave it be - get more tatts - but maybe...look at a different shop and artist
  2. i dont know what you should put but have fun with it :) i got some gaps on my arms too - ditches and elbows and some smaller spots i'm gonna just keep chipping away i myself like a little negative space in there kinda dislike when people go stars and dots to 'sleeve it' anyway - looks like you got some cool stuff already enjoy the ride!
  3. ok - I'm gonna be first to enter with my Robert Ryan Mandala Leopard which resides on my stomach - hopefully the leopard can qualify as its the closest thing to a panther that I have - no hard feelings if it doesnt meet the qualifications - done at Electric Tattoo in Asbury Park NJ - if you havent been tattooed by Robert or been to Electric - well...you're missing out - luckily I live only short drive from the shop - anyway - here you go...btw - this tattoo also made his awesome book - The Inborn Absolute :)
  4. I dont know if i like that design really dont hate it but i dont like it either i like the idea though of a chess / chess piece tattoo i dont think location is too important though get it where you want it
  5. @Charles.M Charles my man I think you're just not getting what the spirit of the site is about the site is about tattoos man and thats where you are coming up short so show some tattoos (your own or your work) or settle down and do some reading and listening on here less short novel posts more quality and please keep the world is against me stuff to yourself nobody knows if you were or werent a victim but more importantly nobody cares stick to tattoo topics and you'll be golden
  6. honestly with all your troubles you have described i get why you are turned off to internet, social media, etc but then...why are you here also - stop with these long winded posts man keep it short and simple i think part of the issue here is you say waaaaay too much
  7. Gonna have to put you on a word count limit Victor
  8. and then you also have the application process to factor in - healing tattoos is no fun
  9. my thoughts on hands - though mine arent done - are that its an area on your body that has been exposed to the elements probably as much as any other body part you have and that over the years that skin has been through alot - i relate this to how my lower arm tattoos are some of my toughest healing spots - i grew up at the beach and i think at 45 years old the skin on my lower arms is just 'beat' - definetly some of my hardest areas to heal - not to mention you are looking at these spots all day - you know the saying - 'can a watched tattoo heal'
  10. your tattoo will not become more readable than it is now as it ages - in fact - the opposite will occur with time - hey its a tattoo - enjoy it for what it is
  11. I've had dropout on tattoos and it usually had to do with location - my knee for instance - i'm not a huge fan of the touch up thing so my advice would be to accept the dropout as a part of this particular tattoos 'personality' of course you could also visit the artist and see what they advise - they might want to touch it up but like i said i wouldnt sweat it - particularly if the rest of the piece is to your liking - most often we look at our tattoos much closer than anyone else would ever care to
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