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  1. Wow, so you are in a similar situation than me! It makes a lot of sense, thanks a lot for the information, that's so good to know! Wow, I didn't know that, that's good to know too and I will try to check if that's the same for me with future tattoos!! Oh, so it seems to be the same for everyone, central areas tattoos heal faster than the ones on the extremities...! So cool to know it happens to everyone! Yep, always a thin layer of moisturizer is the right solution! About the plasma, what do you mean? I always remove the bandage after 5 hours, wash it twice a day and then let the skin air dry before puting in the ointment, and I never put a bandage on it again
  2. Maybe it's infected, it seems to be. Go again to your tattooist and ask him!
  3. Naiemh

    Hello, Im new.

    Welcome! :D I'm happy that I'm not the younger one on here, hahaha Good luck following your dreams!
  4. Hello! I won't worry, just wait for it to heal. If you're doing the right healing process (washing it twice a day and keeping it moisturized, but not too much, just a thin layer, and don't let your tattoo to touch anything dirty) it will heal okay. If not, there's nothing to do, just retouch it. Anyway, I guess it will heal okay. My tattoo artist told me that he experienced some customers with infected tattoos and then when the tattoo was healed it was 100% okay and the ink was just perfect. So don't worry about your tattoo before it's 100% healed.
  5. Hello! I wanted to share with you my experience with the healing time because I found some differences depending on the tattooed area! I don't know if it's because of my after-care products or because of my skin (I know it heals faster and better than usual), but my tattoos heal super fast. For the back tattoo (a big area) the scabs started appearing the 3rd day. In just 3 days it was peeling! and then the 7th day all the scabs just dissapeared, maybe a little bit dry. But now after 10 days after the last session it is perfect, smooth and the ink is just bright and settled super perfect. But then I retouched the ankle cat tattoo (not small, but not super big as my back tattoo. You can see them on my gallery) and it started peeling after 1 week, and the scabs dissapeared after 16 days. Now after 17 days it is a little bit dry but it healed perfect anyway, nice and regular colours. So, my super big back tattoo healed 100% in 10 days and my ankle one, after 17 days, isn't even 100% healed, maybe in 2 or 3 days it will be as perfectly healed as my back one. So I realized a super big difference in the healing time for both areas!!! I have to say that I used Lush products (first Ultrabalm 5 days, and then Dream cream) for the back one (vegan and natural) and Tattoo goo for the ankle one. Did you experienced such a difference in the healing times depending on the area? If so, why is this happening? Or maybe it's because of the products? I heard nice reviews abou tattoo goo, so it's strange that it slows the healing process... Even when the ingredients are different, they're all natural in both products so I don't think any of the ingredients of tattoo goo could be slowering the healing process, that's why I guessed it could be just that different areas heal different. Any opinions?
  6. Laser it and then you can cover it with the tattoo you really like.
  7. A tip is the best option :D Or... cook some cookies! Cookies are nice :D
  8. I agree, I had heavy scabs before and they healed nice and no ink was missed, it just healed the same than normal scabs! So just don't worry and don't pick it, follow your regular tattoo aftercare the same as before :D
  9. Yep, thanks, I guess I'm not going to moisturize it every day. Two or three times a week maybe makes the little pimples dissapear :) Hope it works! P.s: Hahahaha, such an horrible funny gif Hahaha, you have a point! Anyway, I checked all the ingredients and they're nice, also I had read a lot of reviews about the product and it works really well. Anyway, you're so right, I will try to look for other lotions which maybe don't clog my pores, hope I find a nice one soon! I won't do it anymore, I think I just got super worried at that moment and thought that writting it would maybe make me relax and then read your advices make me feel better, thanks :D
  10. Wow, he had to take that much smoke breaks for just 2 hours tattooing? That's not kind and that's not professional at all, even if you like his designs and work (can you show us the tattoo? :) ) If you really want to use him again, I agree with the other people: don't complain about the price he charged you But I won't use him again anyway, I'm sure there are a lot of talented artists who are more kind and professional than this
  11. Naiemh

    new here....

    Welcome! :D Your tattoos are so beautiful, I also like so much femenine designs :D Let's se the other tattoos! Have fun!
  12. I don't understand why are you telling him to cancel :o I mean, what's the matter with tattooing in an apartment if he sterilizes everything and brings all the necessary equipment? Maybe try to ask him, I don't know. I went to see his facebook and he is kind of famous and talented, also he seems to be so experimented, I don't think he would be negligent. Anyway, ask him if it's safe
  13. The picture quality is really bad, but I can say I like it a lot! I mean, it's well done and I like it. The only thing that makes me feel weird is the black background around the tattoo... That's not nice, hahaha I get the idea about a candle in a dark room, but, anyway, the black ugly background wasn't the best way to achieve it, hahaha Now, the advices, what would I do: I would make more tattoos around it, or just a full arm piece if you like the idea. I mean , even if you don't like the candle (which I like so much and I think you should like it too!) if you just make a lot of tattoos around it, it will just be unnoticed. You can use the black background to connect the tattoos The best you can do is to go to a tattoo artist you love so much and you love all his/her tattoos so you will be sure the tattoos he/she is going to draw on you will be super perfect and loveable to you, and ask him/her what should he/she do about it. Probably he/she is going to have a bunch of nice ideas and designs about what to do! For example, he/she could transform the black background into smoke (just by expanding the background into it, that's easy) An example: And then connect some more tattoos over this smoke! That's just an idea, but there are so many ones that your tattoo artist is going to think that you should just go and ask him...!
  14. If he is as talented as you say, don't worry: it's safe. Also, if you're not sure about it, just question yourself: "will he have nice reviews if he was not safe?" Search about this artist reviews and you will find out the answer :D
  15. Hello there! This is my first thread so I hope I did it in the right sub-forum. First of all, I'm so sorry for my bad english: I always had acne-prone skin. As I'm 21 now it's kind of under control. I usually have two or three pimples on my face but I just don't care about them as they are usually small and, meh, I'm super young, they will eventually disapear with ages... Or at least I hope so (I tell you this so you can make an idea how "acne-prone" it is). About my back, since a few years ago I never had acne anymore. So, when I started my back tattoo a month ago my back was fully clean and I had super healthy smooth skin: no acne, no scars. Just perfect skin. And it was this way for about two years ago, so I didn't worry about acne on my back after my tattoo because I actually had no back acne anymore. But, after two weeks, some super small pimples started to appear. They're not like regular pimples, they're super small and invisible (at least I can't see them in the mirror, but I can feel them when I touch my back). They're like the smaller ones on this picture: I know what kind of acne it is and it happens because of clog pores. That's the result of moisturize and I know it's normal and everybody had experience this when they keep moisturizing the tattoo at least 2 weeks before it's fully healed. I know they will dissapear when I stop to moisturize, BUT I also know that, to maintain your tattoo with perfect and bright colors you need to moisturize everyday at least once. And that's what I do. 17 days passed from my last session and for the two first weeks I washed and moisturized twice a day, but now for the last 5 days I just did it once a day and that's what I kept in mind to do forever, as I want my tattoos to be perfect as far as possible and I know they need to be moisturized to achieve it. The moisturizer I use is Dream Cream fro LUSH and it's super super super moisturizing, 100% vegan, 100% natural ingredients, so that's the best I can do for my tattoo. But... I don't want to have this annoying pimples forever because I'm sure the're going to hurt my tattoo anyway at long term. So, what should I do? I know I can't find any natural moisturizer that will not clog the pores, so I don't know... Will it be okay to just stop moisturizing? As my skin is actually oily skin, will it be enough to keep my tattoo naturally moisturized with my own skin oils? (it just happens on my upper back, so I would keep moisturizing my lower back, which isn't an oily zone). WOW, I'm so sorry about the super long post, hahaha Thanks a lot if you read everything :)
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