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  1. Here it is immediately after I left the shop. It looked unbelievable! I hope i haven’t mucked it up
  2. Ok so stupid me used green soap for a full day of aftercare the day after getting my tattoo on my forearm. Two of the main ingredients in this green soap were alcohol and perfume. how stupid of me.. anyway, my arm broke out in a rash and redness throughout the whole skin. One week later my tattoo is peeling but the redness is still there underneath. I don’t think I have managed to infect it but just wondering is it normal with the redness? My artist wrapped my arm in tegaderm which stayed on for 36 hours before I removed and washed it with the soap. Arm looked completely fine after removing the tegaderm I just washed away the plasma/ ink , if was only after a a wash or two with the green soap it started to go red.. obviously now I am using an unscented mild soap to wash since using the green soap on the first day. Thanks guys, darren
  3. Is it normal for the skin to be still quite red one week on? My skin wasn’t red at all the day after the tattoo until I washed it with green soap ( which contains both alcohol and perfume) and put a layer of derm on it. I think I may have done the skin some damage in doing so...
  4. As of last night it started peeling heavily out of nowhere after I stopped using any creams/ lotions for a day. the redness is not as bad, but still there. How should I go about cleaning / caring for it during the peeing stage? Thanks scotty
  5. Hi Guys, I'm back with yet another horror healing process! YAY. I got this tattoo done 3 days ago now, it was initially wrapped with dermalize for the first day overnight which i then took off to clean tattoo. it looked absolutely fine after taking the wrapping off.I cleaned with a green soap type wash i had in the house, which i later realised an ingredient in this was perfume ( which is obviously not great for aftercare). question 1, is green soap just for the initial clean for cling wrap or can it be used as a daily aftercare soap? i washed with the green soap, pat dry with some kitchen paper towel, and let air dry for 15mins. i then put a small layer of hustle butter on there and then put a new sheet of dermalize over it. a few hours later i noticed the nose was getting slightly red, it continued to get more red so i showered and carefully took this dermalize off. i went out and bought an anitbacterial, fragrance and perfume free mild soap for washing the tattoo and have since been using small amounts of hustle butter as moisturiser. The redness has continued to spread throughout the whole tattoo now not just the nose. i have no signs of infection such as swelling, severe inflammation, nausea, temperature etc. Do you guys think from the photos this could be just a regular rash and will just run its course? And help is greatly appreciated as always! Thank you guys so much. Darren
  6. Hey Charles, appreciate the reply. I will take it easy and nurse it for the next couple weeks until fully healed and hopefully we won't have much touch up work to do ! Thanks mate
  7. Hey mate, Thanks for the advice ! puts to mind to ease a bit, i have had other tattoos done and never seen this kind of peeling / ink dropout so it had me a bit weirded out. Will just nurse it and see how it goes once fully healed ! Cheers - Daz
  8. And for anybody who wants to know, here is a photo taken right after completion last week:)
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys. Here is an updated picture. It appears all the movements on the hand is not doing the tattoo well ! Will take your advice and care for it as best I can until fully healed and then decide where to go with it. The artist who done it is a cool dude and will be sure to help me out!
  10. Hi guys, Got my hand / forearm tattoo'd last Thursday ( 5 days ago) it has just started peeling but lots of big chunks are coming off and there appears to be no ink underneath. i have had numerous other tattoos but never have seen this ! Anything to be worried about or nothing that cant be sorted in a touch up session? Cheers for any replies !
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