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    I write for TAM, Swallows and Daggers and TattooNOW and I like the world
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    Kokkola, Finland
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    Tattoos, Aikido, working out, reading, writing, girls, being a good human
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    I work in a Museum

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  1. Watch Vice documentary about Thom if you haven't.
  2. Today I learned one of the greats has passed. RIP Thom Devita.
  3. Don't have a fresher/better pic at the moment but the Morrison and Baphomet are new. Done by Mikko Lekkerimäki @ Sick Boy Tattoo here in Kokkola. Young dude, been tattooing about 5 years. The Morrison is fresh in the pic, it was done little over a month ago. They will continue as sleeves, cover-ups to be done on both arms.
  4. Mikko Lekkerimäki, Sick Boy Tattoo, Kokkola, Finland. (Morrison fresh in the picture)
  5. Now Hicks is healed, need to add stuff and boost color etc. Sleeve will continue in few months with Baphomet. Here's the Sagan, also need more work obviously and will continue to a sleeve. We didn't finish all as you can tell. Now few months old. Pictures aren't that great, sorry.
  6. I second Graeme. Elegant as hell! Really looks good on you.
  7. OK... My appointment is closing in and need the cash, so for this week, till friday, I will sell them both for 240$. Greg's book alone is worth that.
  8. Maybe, but I'm looking for books that my artist can take in as trade. Realism, reference books such as the Matthew Amey's skull book etc. Skull Reference
  9. I haven't gotten tattooed in like 5 years... Well, in a local shop started a new artist. Young cool dude, just over twenty, been tattooing for 3 + years or something. I thought that fuck it, he has some potential, I will get tattooed because its time. I first was going to get a chest piece, just a compass rose. But, Murphy's law struck and got a horrible shave rash in my chest. When I went to the shop, we mulled it over and decided not to tattoo the chest. I remembered he had a Bill Hicks drawing and in 5 minutes we decided to do the late great American Rebel who I have been a fan for about 10 years. He loves to do stuff like this, so I just let him do what he wanted and choose the picture he wanted. Have fun with it. Its now about week old. We will expand it to a sleeve and then start another sleeve. Next up is Carl Sagan. https://instagram.com/lekkeri_wct/ If you can guess what part of his act its from, 10 points! We weren't shure and I checked, well, funny shit ;)
  10. I used to have (Couple missing from these pics)
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