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    I write for TAM, Swallows and Daggers and TattooNOW and I like the world
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    Kokkola, Finland
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    Tattoos, Aikido, working out, reading, writing, girls, being a good human
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    I work in a Museum
  1. Mikko Lekkerimäki, Sick Boy Tattoo, Kokkola, Finland. (Morrison fresh in the picture)
  2. Try asking Chuck :) Tattoo Archive
  3. @Graeme Still interested :)
  4. OK... My appointment is closing in and need the cash, so for this week, till friday, I will sell them both for 240$. Greg's book alone is worth that.
  5. Willing to sell them both in combined price of 280$
  6. Some pictures. Come on people, need cash to get tattooed! ;) :D
  7. Maybe, but I'm looking for books that my artist can take in as trade. Realism, reference books such as the Matthew Amey's skull book etc. Skull Reference
  8. I used to have (Couple missing from these pics)
  9. Theo Mindell (outside San Fran, but in the area) or Kahlil Rintye in Tattoo City.
  10. I just wrote and essay about tattooing ("Turning point of tattoo art in the 1970's". Direct translation from finnish) for my art history studies in University. It is a topic that has been gaining "popularity" in recent years, so I think this type of thing (lectures etc) will be happening more and more in the future.
  11. Iwar, fuck that is good.
  12. I will let you know if I still have it :)
  13. Greg's books is in prefect condition. The prices range from 350-500$ in the internet, but willing to sell a lot cheaper. Make an offer. Grimes book is read few times over, has little signs of use in the hardcover, in the edges, all the pages are pretty much new. This I can sell for 120$. I can post pics if needed.