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  1. First tattoo in years (since my Kore Flatmo sleeve), Namakubi on my foot by Kurt Wiscombe. I hate getting my feet tattooed!
  2. Dennis


    Did a couple rotations of Insanity and P90X in undergrad, I enjoyed it and got quite lean, but took a break and stuck to pullups/pushups/dumbbells workouts off and on for a couple years. Finally back into the swing of things with a power lifting routine over the past two months. I really enjoying it and seeing my numbers go up is great motivation! I did a couple sets of 1x340lb on squat @165 body weight today. Getting better!
  3. @Graeme Looks amazing! You're cruising through that thing! I need to get tattooed more often. Usually I get something every 2-4 years! Hahah
  4. Sorry for the filters, the picture isn't from my instagram. These are my sleeves!
  5. I think the split looks weird, so fill that crack up! That's a good shot of where the thigh ends on this guy!
  6. Yep, @Graeme is right. Who gives a shit what people think. The majority of people have no ability to discern elements of a tattoo design once it is applied to the skin, let alone a japanese piece. I had someone ask me if I had a dinosaur on my forearm a few weeks ago. DOES THAT LOOK LIKE A FUCKIN' DINOSAUR TO YOU?! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! People are dumb, just ignore them.
  7. I made a drum video this past week. Some practice ideas for fellow drummers. Are there any on the board? Enjoy, regardless! :)
  8. That's all, you've answered my questions! :) I assumed the ThinkBaby one was sunscreen as it says sunscreen in the attached screencap.
  9. Any reason for using sunscreen instead of sunblock? Just curious as it is my understanding that sunblock inhibits penetration of the epidermis by the sun, whereas sunscreen filters out UV rays, still allowing the sun to reach the skin. Don't know much about it though, I just coverup and avoid the sun!
  10. Got my V-Drums, now I can practice regularly again! Wooowhooo! Also, I have an interview for medical school in a few weeks!
  11. Ordered some electronic drums so I can actually have more time to practice in my apartment, which I'm very excited about! These guys will be going back into their cases for now!