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  1. Need tatoo advice

    I think the one thing it desperately needs is more added to the mane. It just stops at the top of the lion's head and around the ear. That looks kind of strange to me. But I wouldn't mess with it beyond that.
  2. Upcoming Tattoos

    Something to keep in mind for sure. There's plenty outside of the French Quarter that I'd like to see and do (swamp tours! vinyl hunting! live music! museums!) but yeah, I'll have to factor in parking for those busier days/nights on Bourbon Street.
  3. Upcoming Tattoos

    We're going to stay outside of New Orleans since it's soooo much cheaper, and just drive into town. We're looking at a couple places in Slidell right now but haven't decided yet. As far as the tattoo itself goes, I was kind of just thinking about getting some flash off the wall. Besides your basic hearts and other lovey stuff, the one idea I have right now is just a traditional rose in orange, since that's one of my wedding flowers. But who knows what might catch my eye. Some of the shops I was eyeing were Good Work, Tattooagogo, and Oak Street, but I'm always up for suggestions.
  4. Upcoming Tattoos

    Very true. It's actually going to be hard to narrow it down once people start confirming they'll be there. And I live less than an hour away so I'm reeeeally debating making the drive up every one of the three days and potentially getting tattooed every day, which would be very bad for my bank account.
  5. Upcoming Tattoos

    Nothing concrete yet, but my tentative plans through the end of the year: 1) Doing a "get what you get" from my favorite local shop within a couple weeks or so 2) A couple pieces at Pagoda City Fest this August, not sure who yet since I'm not sure who'll be there...hoping to get one of my knees done at least 3) A piece in New Orleans while I'm down there on my honeymoon (!) this November, maybe some love-related flash or something
  6. Can my tattoo be re-worked?

    When I heard $100 sleeve, I expected much worse. I think what's making it look like origami to you is just it has some harder edges than you would normally find on something soft and smooth like a rose. With some smoothing out of the shading, I think it could easily get a more appropriate texture and better convey the delicacy of the roses. Not a hard thing to fix at all for someone who specializes in black and gray, imo. Where are you based so we can suggest artists?
  7. Half Sleeve Re-Work/Cover Up Ideas

    I don't know if you wanted to expand the sleeve further, but generally the best cure for a tattoo you don't like is surrounding it with more tattoos you do I say make it a full sleeve. If you're really unhappy with that outside part, I feel like with a couple sessions of lasering those straight lines, you could make a really nice geometric themed sleeve kind of like this. You could easily get the other half of that mandala and something incorporating the blank circle:
  8. what's your opinion on the brutal black project?

    Feels like a gimmick to me, although people could say the same about some of my tattoos, so I guess it's all relative. It just seems like to some extent tattoos must have an aesthetic appeal and this is removing all the aesthetic value...which maybe is an aesthetic in and of itself? (I'm not hitting the blunt right now, I swear.)
  9. Your First Tattoo Story

    I might have posted this here or in another thread, sorry if I did. I got mine over the summer of 2009. I had just graduated high school and turned 18 maybe a couple months before, and was going away to college soon and wanted to mark that milestone (which turned out to be a disaster, but that's a story for another day). My mom drove me to a kind of shitty local place so I could get tattooed by the guy who did some work on my dad. I got the Minor Threat black sheep logo because at the time I was straight edge and thought I would always be (another story for another day). I had hastily redrawn the logo about the size I wanted and the guy just made a stencil of my scribble. Me being an easily intimidated teenager, I didn't correct him that this wasn't the exact logo. So mine is unique since I drew it.
  10. So cool. I definitely want to pick up something by Steve Byrne if he comes back to Pagoda Fest this year.
  11. Painting Methods & Materials

    I have a lot of things in progress now and I'm finally starting to see some improvements. I've never been more proud of my work. Here's the most recent paintings I've finished, both in acrylic. ^ My first ever attempt at a dragon and second ever Japanese inspired piece. It's soooo much harder than it looks. ^ My biggest painting yet, done on 18"x24" paper.
  12. What's your longest tattoo session?

    My longest was 7 hours of lining from the side of my butt to almost the side of my knee. I think I saw God. I had the shakes really bad after and by the time I got home, I had a fever. I called my mom when I was done like I usually do to let her know the damage had been done, and I distinctly remember telling her I was never getting another one...that was a couple tattoos ago, of course.
  13. Low Key Mind Blowers

    My first two picks actually work together in a local-ish shop. Dave Wah is a little more famous than when I first met him, but still not where he should be, imo. He makes buttery smooth stuff, his style reminds me of a more neotrad Myke Chambers almost. Big, bold lines and saturated color, simple and clean designs...good stuff. Another guy I really enjoy is Troy Clements. His work is balls to the wall as far as size and placement, lots of huge gnarly backs and fronts, vicious animals, bloody daggers...I'm rarely bored by what he comes up with and the execution is top notch, imo. One last one comes to mind for me...I recently stumbled upon Danny Potter on Instagram, and almost every time one of his pieces comes up in my feed, it makes me smile. Obscenely bold lines and ungodly amounts of black, his stuff is just so charming and he deserves way more attention.
  14. Upcoming Tattoos

    I was going to try to go to the Baltimore convention this April, but the artist I most wanted to get a piece by never got back to me so not sure if that's happening. Oh well, more money for other tattoos. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Definitely will be trying to make it to the Pagoda City convention this August and reached out to an artist already to confirm they would be there. I might try to get two pieces while I'm there, I'll have to wait until it gets closer to schedule anything. I'd kind of like to get something before then too but no idea who or what. I definitely have the itch though.
  15. #MeToo in the tattooing community

    It's awful in any profession, but especially awful in a position like tattooing because your client is so vulnerable and exposed. It takes a lot of trust on a client's part, especially a female client getting tattooed by a male. While I'm not opposed to things like politically incorrect humor or the more vulgar aspects of a tattoo shop, there's a line that shouldn't be crossed and I'm glad it's being addressed.